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February 14, 2013

Charming Little Library

This afternoon, Henry and I decided to walk under overcast skies to Adelaide's classroom Valentine Party. Well, I walked and pulled Hal up hill and down in our wagon. The hike was pleasant enough for all parties, but became even more charming when we decided to veer off our usual trail to investigate a brightly-colored mailbox-like object perched on the edge of a sidewalk.


It was a charming little neighborhood library!

The idea, of course, is that you recycle your gently enjoyed tomes in the library and pick up something new to read while your at it! Henry snagged a James Marshall - always good for a laugh - and Adelaide found a treasure in a Nate the Great mystery. Unfortunately, there was a lot of Patricia Cornwall in the adult section, so I passed today, but have great hopes for something fun for me in the future.

We didn't have any books with us this time to add to the library, but we certainly have plenty at home that will find a new home soon!


Good ol' Iowa City.