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March 5, 2013

Snow, Glorious Snow!


Before this morning, Iowa City snowfall was 9.9 inches for 2013. Although that's an increase from last year, the fuddy-duddy who makes the Minnesota state climatology reports had a bunch of naysaying pessimism to share: "All of the snow that has fallen over the winter by and large remains on top of the landscape, a landscape that is largely frozen ... Now the dust remains beneath the concrete."


Still, we have high hopes that the dry cracks in the ground on the side of our house will some how be healed by the moisturizing snow by Eastertime.

Nonetheless, it sure feels more like winter with that lovely mantle of white, free range sledding, and snowman and snowfort construction over the past few weeks!




This just in: School was cancelled in the face of another 5-7 inches this morning! Snow day!! Whee!