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June 28, 2013

Settling In

It's been two weeks of moving insanity here in Toadsland! The big moving truck came to our home in Iowa City on June 12th, and our hired movers effortlessly packed and hauled all our belongings up to St Cloud. We followed the moving truck up to Minnesota on Friday and closed on our new house that afternoon. Adelaide, Henry, Nine, and I began a ten-day crouch at my parents' house while Joel tidied up our life back in Iowa City and finished his commitments at the university. On Monday, June 17th, the movers arrived and I began the week-long work of unpacking and making our new house a home. My parents and sister helped us out immensely by keeping the lawn clipped, putting fresh coats of paint on our new walls, arranging furniture, sustaining us with food and drink, and generally adding great joy to our moving project with their unflappable good cheer and hard work.




The best part of the move, however, was this Tuesday, June 25th: After a six-hour workday in Iowa City, Joel and Ophelia made that six-hour drive up to Minnesota for the last time. They arrived safe and sound, happy and exhausted.


And so, one chapter ends and another quickly begins as we settle into our new life in a great house in a charming neighborhood, surrounded by good friends and family, with a new workday on the horizon and summer of wading pools, festivals, soccer practices, bike rides, play practices, and good times ahead.

June 2, 2013

Recital Time!

It's our favorite time of year again: Recital Time!


Adelaide tapped, jazzed, and ballet'd her way into four numbers for this year's dance concert. No small feat for a 1st grader, Adelaide's confidence onstage was only surpassed by our pride for her success!


Hal joined in the fun this year, too. With his spiked 'do and snazzy bow tie, he tapped along (off and on) and charmed us to the point of tears.


Congratulations, my two tiny dancers!


It was an exciting weekend and we were delighted to have Marmee and D here to share in our Iowa City stage antics one last time. We'll certainly miss our dance teachers and studio, but it was a busy, busy weekend and we're ready to dive into summer!