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September 9, 2013

Ophelia as Toto

We've been talking a lot about theater lately here in Toadsland. Adelaide went to see her mama in the excellent local production of Les Miserables, and read in the program about the possibility of auditioning for future shows. She was most excited about the upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz, though not in the way I expected:

"Ophelia could audition to be Toto!" she exclaimed, then collapsed into giggles as we imagined the following scenarios:


Joel: "The witch would say, 'I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog... er, well, and you're dog, too!"

Aimee: "In the beginning when Almira Gulch takes Toto away from the Gales farm, she'd have to use a Burley."

Adelaide: "When the flying monkeys capture them, there'd be two monkey's struggling to pick her up, and they'd be gesturing off stage, 'More monkeys! We need some more monkeys here!'"

These are essentially fat dog jokes, but Ophelia took them with good humor.

September 2, 2013

Summertime Triptych: Part the Third


We've had a lovely, busy summer, never straying far from and getting to know our new home. Moving in and settling down is a crazy business, but we've cherished our summer schedule with its playful calendar. Ah, summer!


Meeting some of our best Iowa City friends at the Minnesota Zoo!


Adelaide and Hal found a perfect place for hide-and-seek at Stickworks sculpture on St. John's campus.


Adelaide and I finally finished the Chapel Walk out at St. John's one afternoon when the lily pads, mushrooms, and mosquitoes were blooming.


Adelaide picking blueberries and proving that there a perfect chapeau for every occasion.


We picnicked with a larger-than-life Eugene O'Neill at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis before seeing Pride and Prejudice.


The kids took in their first rodeo at Clearwater, Minnesota this summer. In addition to horse rides, Adelaide got to participate in the "Catch-a-Calf" contest in the arena!


Of course, we enjoyed many afternoons on D's boat, but especially thrilled at our first tube rides.


As we wave good-bye to summer from the top of the St. John's footbridge after a six-mile bike ride, we smile and reflect upon what a jolly time we're having ... Or, in Central Minnesota speak: This summer, it was pretty good.

Summertime Triptych: Part the Second


We've had great fun this summer exploring a familiar destination that we now call Home. For years, St. Cloud has been just an accessory to happy holiday memories. But now, St. Cloud is our hometown, and we're finding many delights about living, working, and playing in our new home.


Henry creating a serious masterpiece at the Lemonade Arts Fair on St. Cloud State campus.


Toasting Joel's completion of residency, we sampled the local restaurant fare at Bello Cucina in St. Joe on our first Central Minnesota date!


Adelaide and Henry met and became fast friends with our neighbors ... Friendship quickly led to business partnership in the form our first profitable lemonade stand!


Adelaide poised to spring off the diving board at the high school during her summer swimming lessons.


Henry, Joel, and Adelaide splashing at Summerland with Joel's colleagues during the annual pathology summer picnic. (No specimens allowed.)


Success on the (Putt-Putt) golf course with Henry!

Summertime Triptych: Part the First


It's been a wonderful, busy summer here in Toadsland. To catch you up, Dear Reader, we thought we'd speed through the calendar with a visual blog; in short, we offer you a photo dump. Enjoy!


A momentous occasion: Joel's First Day as a Real Life Pathologist!


Adelaide snagged the best view of the fireworks at Joetown Rocks from Big D's shoulder on July 3rd.


What better time is there for patriotic-themed sweets than the Fourth of July?


Adelaide catching supper (a pint-sized Perch) with Big D, off the dock at Pine Lake, near Upsala, Minnesota.


Henry, off the prow of Big D's speedboat, catching a close-up view of the Minnesota state bird, the loon.