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November 13, 2013

Faithful Reader

Hello Faithful Readers,

The blog's been a little quiet since our move, but rest assured, we're trying to get back in the habit of our online diary. There's been a lot of excitement here at our new home and I'm eager to catch you all up.

Still, after nearly 10 years of Toads, we've got some housekeeping to do. I'm in the process of tidying up and reorganizing here at Toads, so please be patient for a short time longer and (hopefully) you'll be rewarded with some updates on our day-to-day very, very soon!

While I'm sweeping the cobwebs from this space, you'll notice I've turned off the comments. Don't worry, we'll give you a place to write your thoughts, quips, and queries in the future, but for now, I'd like it quiet while I clean up!

Check back soon for new entries and photos!


The Management.