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Springtime Summary



It's already giving way to Summer around here, but before we move into total heat and humidity, I thought we'd better give a little update on our Springtime adventures!


We had much pomp and circumstance with Erin's May graduation from the College of St. Benedict! We celebrated in style, although Erin officially finished her coursework in December, with a great potluck (in the inner sanctum of the OSB monastery), ran a race to find tickets and seats for the ceremony at the field house, and indulged in a big supper at the fantastic Anton's House of FIsh and Whiskey. Celebrations aside, we are so proud of all of Erin's accomplishments. She will be a wonderful teacher!


She will be a wonderful teacher, sooner rather than later ... This Spring, while Henry's preschool teacher, Miss Cheri, devoted some precious time to saying goodbye to her ill mother, Erin substitute taught in Henry's classroom for a couple of weeks. It was a treat to have Erin at Henry's school and in his classroom!


One of the cool things that Henry's teacher, Miss Cheri, organized this Spring was an art installation of preschool art called "Preschool Picassos" at the Satellite Art Gallery in St. Joe. Each preschooler in Cheri's care submitted a drawing or painting that they had done during the school year. Cheri's pedagogy included teaching the children about some of the masters of the art world, including Matisse, Cassatt, Pollack, and Picasso. Above, Henry poses with his submission, inspired by O'Keeffe.


Miss Cheri made it back for Henry's last day of school, and we were so happy for a chance to express our gratitude to her for a wonderful school year. Miss Cheri really helped to guide our sensitive boy through this transition year with such graceful reassurance and gentle confidence. This fall, Henry will start Kindergarten at the public school that Adelaide already attends, instead of staying at the private school where Miss Cheri teaches. We are sad to say good-bye, but happy to have had this fortuitous meeting.


March and April were messy months for our family room in the basement as my sister, Kelli and I, organized and constructed costumes for the high school musical, "Once Upon a Mattress." A true labor of love, I put in over 100 hours of energy and brainpower, renewing my old costuming skills in the form of Lady's kirtles, Knight's tabards, and the Queen's utterly fabulous headdress. Oh how joyful to draw a sketch and then realize it three-dimensionally! I was so proud of my effort and hope to continue honing my skills in the coming year. Adelaide, my ever-present shadow at rehearsals and performances, took everything in and is presently directing her friends in a playground version of the Disney hit "Frozen."


If "Left-handed people are in their right mind," then Adelaide couldn't be more right-brained with her love of the music, theatre, and the arts. Her second grade highlights include her participation in GREAT's "Wizard of Oz," the creation of an inspired mural depicting images of Ojibwe life and culture, a school music concert, piano lessons, and her school art show!


Now, it's June 4th, and after Adelaide's school picnic today, Summer yawns before us with a big, wide, open smile. We hope for days full of discovery, dirt, friends, fun, and relaxation!

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