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September 2, 2014

All Aboard!


Adelaide started 3rd grade this morning, and Henry started Kindergarten at our neighborhood school.

Henry and I went to Kindergarten Round-Up last Spring and the crowning event at that function was a ride on the big yellow school bus. Ever since then, he's been ready to ride. Joel and I quizzed Henry as Labor Day got closer about perhaps easing into school with offers of car rides, walks, or bike rides the first day instead of taking the bus. Nothing doing, Henry was certain and set. Quickly we realized that our little guy's independence was something to admire, and that driving him in the car or riding bikes together was more about making ourselves feel better than about supporting Henry's goals.

So, the bus it must be.


This morning, the neighborhood elementary-school gang greeted the school bus newbie with great fervor and excitement. Soon, the bus rolled around the corner, they all hopped on, and we waved good-bye.

And promptly jumped in the car and drove off to school to watch to make sure that they made it okay.


And so they did.