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Why you should go to Itasca State Park

A blog derived from an essay Adelaide wrote for school:


You should go to Itasca State Park because you see wild animals, you can rent a very old cabin, and you can see the start of the Mississippi River. Last summer my father and I took a paddle board to Schoolcraft Island. While we were exploring the island we bumped into a tree, rattled the branches and a brown bird swooped out of the tree. It had a wing span the size of a love seat. My father and I stared as the bird soared up and over the trees.


We stayed in Itasca for a weekend in a cabin that was built in the 1920s. The thing that I liked the best about the cabin was that on the fireplace mantle to the shelf there were many wood carvings.

One day we took our bikes on a ride from the cabin to the head waters. The start of the Mississippi includes a bridge made of rocks that you can walk across. The rocks are very slippery! In fact I fell in, well me and my brother. It was funny. The water was cold. There were so many other wonderful things I could include, like that the cabin came with forks and bowls and plates. And I got to communicate with a lune with a whistle that I got from the gift shop and if you blow it really hard you will sound like a lune! These and many other reasons. Lake Itasca is beautiful.


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