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21 March 2004 — Sunny Sunday

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in March, the world is both dulcet and abuzz with activity.

Simon, sprawled on the couch, represents the former:

[photo of Simon sprawled on the couch]

Outside, Nemo represents the latter. He darts hither and yon, pouncing on unsuspecting insects. No gnat is safe. It's only through great perseverance that I can get him to pause even for a moment in order to snap this shot:

[photo of Nemo playing in the grass]

I'm sprawled on the warm grass. Kris is on the patio reading a book.

The world is quiet.

Or is it? There's a constant low buzzing hum emanating from the cherry tree:

[photo of cherry tree in bloom]

It only takes a moment to realize that the tree is aswarm with honey bees busily collecting pollen:

[photo of a bee gathering pollen from a cherry blossom]

One of the bees mistakenly flies into the house, panicking Toto (who hates all things that buzz). Kris tries to coax it outside, but in the end she has to smush it.

We have book group here tonight. It's tempting to cancel it on account of good weather...

On 21 March 2004 (04:15 PM), stacy said:

Beautiful animals.

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