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09 February 2005 — Superman is a Dick (1)

Remember that comic panel I love so much?

[Only you have the power to absorb all heat!] title=

Now there's a site devoted to wacky covers: Superman is a Dick. (The site is down right now — it was overwhelmed by mass blogosphere linkage yesterday — but the forum thread that inspired it is still up.) Most of these covers involve Superman being a jerk in some way:

[another cover]

[another cover]

[another cover]

[another cover]

But this comic panel is my favorite item from the entire site:

[Batman laments his love for Robin]

So. Damn. Funny!

On a semi-related note, here's a cartoon that Kris drew a couple of years ago. I found it when I was cleaning the workshop and scanned it in to share.

[a cartoon about cat vomit]

My wife actually draws quite well. She should do it more often.

On 09 February 2005 (01:26 PM), Tiffany said:

Are those real comics?

Kris, that is great, I have the food that almost matches my tan carpet. It does make life easier.

On 09 February 2005 (04:52 PM), Denise said:

Ha! Have you read the message on the SIAD site lately? 172 hits a second! There are too many geeks (me being one of them) with too much time on their hands.

That is absolutely amazing.

On 09 February 2005 (04:55 PM), J.D. said:

"Robin, what have I done to you?"

Heh. Gets me every time. I want to know if this double-entendre is intentional? Was the writer aware of the hilarity in this panel?

On 10 February 2005 (06:21 PM), bill said:

really a cute kitty cartoon! real tough act to follow! liked the funnie! lol

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On 09 September 2006 (11:08 PM), matt butcher said:

That one panel with Batman--do we know what issue of JLA that is in?