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19 March 2006 — Adelaide Esther Miron (2)

And last but not least, here is Adelaide Esther Miron:

To summarize: my niece Emily Lenae Roth was born on February 24th 23rd; Eleanor Pearl Briscoe was born on March 13th; Chase Thornton was born March 16th; and Adelaide Esther Miron was born, well, I don't know when. Here's what Joel has to say:

She's Here! Adelaide Esther Miron!

All I have time for right now are the bare facts: She was born 3/18/06 at 6:15 pm. She weighed Seven pounds, one ounce (she's dropped down to six pounds, 14 ounces since), and stretched out to 20 inches long.

She has very dark brown hair, charcoal-colored eyes, and a terribly loud voice. After taking a bunch of pictures at the hospital, I realize know that I'm at home that the only one suitable for emailing is this somewhat out-of-focus shot. Once Aimee and Adelaide are a little more rested (they're both doing fine, just a little tired) I'll post more at our website: www.foldedspace.org/toads.

Congratulations to Joel and Aimee. I wish this little Adelaide better luck in love and health than her namesake.

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On 19 March 2006 (07:19 PM), Drew said:

I like this picture much better than the one of the pimple on your cat's ass.

On 20 March 2006 (05:19 PM), Emily Roth said:

Uncle JD, I was born on the 23rd.......not the 24th. I know...it's hard to keep all these babies straight.