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31 October 2006 — The One-Hundred Mittens Project (108)

Amy Jo has a knitting sewing project, and she's recruiting help.

Hello everyone! I have a favor to ask. Would you mind digging through your closet(s) to see if you have any 100-percent wool sweaters that you are willing to donate to a good cause? I hope to make 100 pairs of felted wool mittens by Christmas to donate to local senior, women's, and homeless organizations.

One medium-sized woman's sweater will make one pair of adult mittens and at least one pair of child-size mittens. It doesn't matter if the sweater is tatty or has holes in it, or if you've washed and shrunk it somewhere along the line (that would actually help me save the step of "felting" the sweaters before making the mittens). And, if you are feeling ambitious and would like to join me in the sewing of mittens, I'll gladly send you the template and instructions. They are very easy to make — only one seam!

If you'd like to contribute to Amy Jo's mitten extravaganza, leave a comment here or drop me a line. Also: I'll happily ferry old sweaters, if needed.

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On 31 October 2006 (09:57 AM), Amy Jo said:

Thanks for posting this JD. I really appreciate it. And, to clarify, this is a sewing project not a knitting project. I felt the sweaters by washing them in hot water and then cut out the pattern and sew them up. Also, the sweaters can have a bit of nylon in them, and any type of woolen fiber will work--lambswool, alpaca, cashmere, etc. I'm also finding that I can often get at least four pairs of mittens per sweater since I am making five different sizes (2 adult and 3 childrens).

On 31 October 2006 (04:38 PM), Scott said:

Hey J.D.

Just let me know where to send them. I probably have several I can send on.

On 13 November 2006 (05:45 PM), Frances said:

I would be interested in the pattern and instructions. If I am successful in making my first pair, I would like to make some for charity. I think local thrift stores would be a good source for wool sweaters you could use for this project., sometimes you can pick them up for a couple of bucks.

On 21 November 2006 (10:15 AM), Debbie said:

I am always looking for recycling items and I thought that these mittens would be great for a
local charity that I have donated scarves, hats,
and mittens (crocheted) in the past.

Thank you again.

On 27 November 2006 (11:38 AM), Mary said:

I have been collecting used sweaters for the very same project to dontate to charities. I have been looking for a good pattern and I like yours. Please send me a copy of your pattern & I will do my part to keep hands and hearts warm all winter in Minnesota.

On 30 November 2006 (05:24 PM), Jerry Bernard said:

Can you please send me the template for the mittens? My wife would like to sew some up. Thanks in advance!

On 03 December 2006 (07:40 PM), Sandy said:

Just saw these made at a craft show. What a fun idea for charity. Would love to help if you can send the info.

On 04 December 2006 (06:03 AM), Molly said:

I would love to have the pattern for making felted wool mittens. A friend and I have been looking for the pattern. This would be a great charitable project!

On 08 December 2006 (01:11 PM), Jeanine said:

Please could you send me your template. We have a mitten tree in our village and these would be great.

Thank you!

On 14 December 2006 (03:42 PM), marcia said:

Hi! I am so happy to find a fellow wool sweater mitten maker! I have been making them for several years for family friends, gifts, etc. and am now also making them for people with cold hands who need them Your pattern looks simpler yhan mine-only one seam! I would really love to have it if you are willing to share it. Thanks so much and I hope you reach your goal! Marcia

On 14 December 2006 (07:18 PM), tira said:

I would like the pattern. I've been collecting sweaters, but need the pattern to make the mittens. Thanks.

On 19 December 2006 (11:05 PM), hans early nelson said:

I would love to help make some mittens and learn how to recycle those old tatterd sweaters at the same time. whats the criteria required to recieve a template. I see christmas is soon to come, but perhaps I can still help. are you there yet, to 100?

On 22 December 2006 (03:29 PM), Abby said:

Does anyone have the mitten template to the one seam mitten?
Thank you for your sharing.

On 28 December 2006 (08:49 AM), Jan Coffelt said:

I have several old sweaters that I have already felted and would like to donate to the cause. I know that Christmas is over, but if you're still interested....

On 28 December 2006 (08:57 PM), Amy Jo said:

Thanks everyone for your interest in the mitten project. I am pleased with the interest folks have shown in the project. I don't have a total count for mittens since I sent the pattern off to a number of folks around the country, but within my family we made nearly 200 pairs! The agencies we took them to, including Portland Impact, were genuinely pleased to receive them. I encourage folks to keep making them even though the holidays are quickly passing. It is easy to make a template, just trace your hands and photocopy the sketch at 115 to 120 percent. To felt the sweaters, wash them in hot water with a spoonful of liquid detergent. You may have to wash them more than once. Throwing in a pair of jeans will speed things up. Once the sweaters have felted to your liking, toss them in the dryer. Cut the mittens out (I like to use the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater for the wrists) and sew them up.

On 10 January 2007 (07:22 PM), CAM said:

Could you send me a copy of the mitten pattern? I would like to make them for charities in WI. Thanks

On 18 January 2007 (04:26 PM), elaine falk said:

i would like the pattern to help a neighbor.

On 18 January 2007 (04:45 PM), david thomas said:

I would very much appreciate this pattern. I do much donating to the Humane Society.

On 19 January 2007 (06:22 PM), kate said:

I'd also love to work on this great project.

I'm thinking of children's mittens for local schools... you wouldn't believe how many kids come to school without hats and mittens!
Please send pattern. Thank you for this project idea!

On 21 January 2007 (09:31 PM), Marylyn Sidle said:

Would love to try your pattern. Right now I'm using one from a fleece project book. Results are not quite what I expected when using the felted wool. Thanks so much. Marylyn

On 22 January 2007 (04:43 PM), Lucy said:

First time trying this....you mean I could also ask for the pattern for the mittens? Thank you.

On 26 January 2007 (05:43 PM), julia said:

Hello, Jo: I would love to get a copy of the mitten template and instructions to make the felted mittens you show here. Thanks! Julia

On 01 February 2007 (05:10 AM), Patti said:

I'll chime in on wanting the pattern. I have three wool sweaters waiting to become mittens and/or slippers. BTW, a slipper pattern, or link to one, would be greatly appreciated, too.

On 01 February 2007 (06:52 AM), Kim said:

Lovely mittens,I am interested in your pattern...recyling makes it an even more attractive project.
Thank you KLZ

On 05 February 2007 (07:51 PM), Karen said:

Our church group would love to make some mittens for adults and children in our area that are in need. This would be a great project for our group to work on. Could you send us the pattern for adults and children? Thanks, Karen

On 06 February 2007 (08:00 AM), Eve said:

Great idea. I have a stash of old wool sweaters that I felted for a blanket project that failed. This might be a fabulous use of the sweaters and a great charity item. Thanks.

On 08 February 2007 (04:03 PM), Paula W. said:

I would love to have template for the felted, one-seam wool mittens. I want to start felting, but want something easy to begin with.

On 10 February 2007 (05:11 PM), Grace said:

Could you possibly send me the template?? I tried to do one but the thumb was tooooo skinny.

How many mittens have you collected??

:) grace

On 15 February 2007 (02:29 PM), Patti said:

I would love the pattern for the felted wool mittens made from old sweaters. I would greatly appreciate anyone emailing this to me and thanks so much in advance.

On 22 February 2007 (07:13 PM), Vicky said:

I would be interested in learning to make the mittens also, and would appreciate directions,
pattern, etc.

On 02 March 2007 (10:41 AM), Kimberly Schwartz said:

I would appreciate receiving the directions and pattern to make the mittens. Thank you in advance.

On 05 March 2007 (09:34 AM), Lorraine M. Cafe said:

Yes, I would LOVE receive the directions and pattern to make the mittens. Thank you for the info. Peace bee with you.

On 09 April 2007 (12:47 PM), barb barnhouse said:

This is an amazing idea!Please send me the mitten template,and I will join the mitten project .
Thank you and God bless!

On 30 April 2007 (01:29 PM), Julie Rice said:

I would love the instructions and pattern for the mittens. If you have any other patterns I would love to have them as well.

On 21 June 2007 (06:47 PM), Kris Freitag said:

Wow! How fun is that! Could you please send me the pattern? I will ask the folks at church for donations and help make mittens for our town--we live in a town where the kids really need warm stuff!
thanks in advance--congrats on making and breaking your goal!

On 05 September 2007 (07:44 AM), Claudia said:

This is just so cute! I totally see myself making mittens like that for Christmas present...totally eco-friendly. Could you please send me the pattern? Sincerely,

On 06 September 2007 (07:24 PM), Cheryl said:

This is such a great idea. I know our elementary school is always looking for hats and mittens for the kids that don't have them. I would love the pattern to be able to make them to donate to the school if you could send me the pattern.


On 10 September 2007 (10:50 AM), Lola said:

I would love the template to make these mittens. We have a women's retreat and this would be a great project for our Winter gathering.
Thanks in Advance!!

On 17 September 2007 (10:21 AM), nancy odom said:

Hi, you must be an awesome person! I have an old sweater that my mom made 50 years ago. I would love to make her granddaughters memory mittens from this sweater. After that (if they turn out ok) I will join you in your venture for charity. thanks for the pattern.

On 21 September 2007 (08:42 PM), Jill Howes said:

I have several sweaters that I have felted and would love your pattern. Thanks!

On 11 October 2007 (09:03 AM), Gail Mooers said:

I just purchased 3 100% wool sweaters at the thrift store and this would be a wonderful use for the sleeves! Please send the mitten pattern!
Thank you!

On 12 October 2007 (10:01 AM), Pat said:

What a great idea! I know several groups that would love to make to give and one that needs mittens. Please share the pattern. With thanks from many people, New Crafter

On 16 October 2007 (12:29 PM), diane said:

I would very much appreciate the mitten pattern. I would like to try my hand at making these. Thank-You!

On 31 October 2007 (02:21 PM), Diane said:

I would love to receive the pattern and try making some for charilty.

On 01 November 2007 (07:50 PM), Diane M said:

This is a wonderful idea! Does anyone have a mitten pattern for kids? I could try tracing a hand, but I saw someone else said the thumb was too skinny. We have so many kids around here that come to school w/o mittens. I'd love to help out.

On 08 November 2007 (03:21 PM), kathleen said:

I would also love to have your pattern. I would like to try to make some mittens. I am very crafty and love to try new ideas. thanks

On 13 November 2007 (06:35 AM), Teresa A said:

I have been trying to make these this past week but my pattern just isn't working. Would I be able to have a copy of your pattern? I have been looking for a way to give back this Christmas and this would be perfect. Thanks

On 14 November 2007 (07:06 AM), sue said:

would like your pattern we have a womens shelter here we are doing things for, thanks Sue

On 18 November 2007 (05:27 AM), Judy said:

I would love your mitten pattern to make these for charity as well. What a great project!

On 20 November 2007 (05:29 PM), julie said:

I would love to make the mitten pattern for some a sub for santa project.
thanks julie

On 21 November 2007 (11:29 PM), Betty said:

May I have your knitted mitten pattern? I want to make them for my children! Thank you! Great job!

On 28 November 2007 (04:40 PM), Anne said:

Please send your pattern. I'd love to try it!

On 29 November 2007 (12:49 PM), Lisa said:

Hi! I absolutely love your idea, and would love to make some for a local homeless shelter. Can you please send me your pattern? Thanks

On 30 November 2007 (12:44 PM), Jo said:

Would love to have your pattern to recycle old family sweaters to pass down...thanks!

On 09 December 2007 (06:05 PM), Kate said:

I just bought a pair from someone and would love
to make them for family and donate some too. I
have already collected several sweaters from thrift stores. Please send your instructions.

On 10 December 2007 (10:09 AM), janene becker said:

please send me the template, I will make away!

On 12 December 2007 (04:59 PM), Kay said:

I'd like the felted mitten pattern. Thanks,

On 13 December 2007 (07:52 AM), Barbara said:

I'd like the felted mitten pattern. Thanks,

On 14 December 2007 (06:32 PM), Jeanie said:

I must be living in the dark ages. Seen a pair of these mittens and would love to make some for the seniors in our area. Could I get the pattern some place or from you? Thank you so much

On 14 December 2007 (06:35 PM), Jeanie said:

I must be living in the dark ages. Seen a pair of these mittens today for the first time and would love to make some for the seniors in our area. Could I get the pattern some place or from you? Thank you so much

On 16 December 2007 (09:20 AM), Michelle M. said:

Can you please send me the instructions for the felted mittens made from old sweaters? I would like to try this for family and our local cold weather gear drive for kids. Thanks!

On 19 December 2007 (12:56 PM), Ruthie said:

I don't know what URL is ???

Please send me your template for the mittens in various sizes if you have it. I'd love to try making some. I've also seen some lined with fleece. Do you have that pattern as well. I'm also interested in making hats from recycled sweaters. Any ideas. Thank you so much. My Mom's hands are always cold and I'd love to make her a great pair of mittens.

Thank you

On 22 December 2007 (03:25 PM), Linda Dorn said:

Please send me your template for various size mittens, our village OutReach Service could use some donated mittens for local children and adults who are need of many items to get through the winters here. Hat patterns? Thanks so much!

On 26 December 2007 (11:59 AM), Cindi said:

Could you please send me your pattern. I would love to try making the mittens (different sizes) for next Christmas or to give to the Homeless Shelters here this winter season. I would appreciate the pattern very much. Thanks so much!

On 29 December 2007 (06:41 PM), Roxann said:

Please send me the mitten pattern

On 30 December 2007 (05:53 AM), Jessie King said:

I would love to get patterns for mittens, handbags and hats to make out of recycled sweaters. I want to use these with teenage students. Thank you.
Jessie King

On 30 December 2007 (06:03 AM), jessie king said:

I would love to get some simple patterns to make hats, mittens and handbags from felted sweaters. Thank you.

On 01 January 2008 (01:25 PM), Claire said:

my mother and i are looking to help make mittens asap if you could send me the template wed gladly contribute!

On 07 January 2008 (05:49 AM), MARLO YOUNG said:

Please e-mail a copy of the pattern for the adult and children size felted mittens. Do you line these with fleece? Have you seen a pattern using multiple sweaters to make one pair of mittens and are lined with fleece. I have been looking and have not found one yet. They are really fun looking because they have all different types of colors and have a button on the cuff. Thank you in advance.

On 07 January 2008 (11:42 AM), Laura said:

This looks like a good Girl Scout project. I would love to receive the template and instructions to try with my troop. Thanks.

On 09 January 2008 (06:33 PM), Kim said:

I have been looking for a pattern and haven't found one. I wanted to make Christmas gifts and couldn't find a pattern. Can you please send me the pattern, I would appreciate it greatly! Thank you!

On 10 January 2008 (12:51 PM), dedee said:

Great idea for our family volunteer projects...please forward the pattern. Great work you've begun and look how many others can join in and lend a helping hand.

On 16 January 2008 (07:26 PM), Sandi said:

My customer came in with a pair of gloves she had made for her husband out of a wool sweater. I was looking for a pattern to help distribute mittens to our church neighborhood. I'm so glad I found you. Please send me the pattern.

On 06 February 2008 (08:35 PM), smooch said:

could I get your pattern too, seems like a great cause for school kids with cold hands. thanks

On 10 February 2008 (01:39 PM), Lynne said:

could you please send me your pattern, I am in North Dakota where it is a balmy 22 below zero today, lots of need for WARM mittens

On 14 March 2008 (06:23 PM), Aline said:

Please email the template and instructions. What a great idea. A project I can get my granddaughters helping to make mitts to give for people in need. Thank you

On 21 March 2008 (10:00 AM), Helen said:

Please send me the mitten pattern. Do you have a hat pattern?

On 06 April 2008 (06:27 PM), Loree said:

please email the template and instructions for the mittens. thank you.

On 19 April 2008 (02:40 PM), melanie said:

please send me your pattern. I was just on-line looking for an easy mitt pattern so I could make them and hand them out in the street.

On 17 May 2008 (04:17 PM), Kandice Barnes said:

I would love to get the pattern. Thank you.

On 05 September 2008 (11:18 PM), melanie nelson said:

hey there! Could you please e-mail me the mitten pattern again? I never received it the first time. I think my firewall did not let it thru. I was just given 20 wool sweaters and even though it took almost 3 washes and 3 dryer cycles to felt them, I'm ready to sew! Thanks again.

On 10 September 2008 (01:41 PM), Jo Lobmeyer said:

Great Pattern!! I would love to have it also. Any other patterns you would like to share? Baskets, Slippers, anything really.


On 10 September 2008 (02:57 PM), Laura said:

I would love to have the pattern and instructions for the felted wool mittens. Also I would like to have the instructions on how to line them. Thanks.

On 21 September 2008 (07:19 AM), Janet Howse said:

I would like to request the pattern for the mittens with the lining. I have a church organization that really could use some mittens to give to kids in the area this winter.

On 22 September 2008 (01:57 PM), Betsy said:

I would also like to help others and make some of your wool mittens. Please send me your pattern.

On 29 September 2008 (04:58 PM), Darby said:

I am looking for the felted mitten with the fleece lining. Could I use your pattern? Thanks!

On 07 October 2008 (10:27 AM), Jodi said:

I would use up some of the old wool skiing sweaters we have in the closet if you could send me the pattern. I know the teachers at school always appreciate some extra mittens for the kids who come without any. What a great way to help a child and a bonus of getting the sweaters out of my house.

On 17 October 2008 (02:24 PM), Kim said:

Would like to have the template for the mittens emailed to me, if possible. I have the sweaters and I am ready to get started.


On 18 October 2008 (07:31 AM), Sarah said:

I agree with Jodi my daughter's teacher would appreciate some extra mittens for the kids also so would a local clinic near where I live.


On 24 October 2008 (05:21 PM), JOAN said:

If anyone has the pattern I would like it also.

On 27 October 2008 (07:57 AM), Vicki Rosenberg said:

Great idea! Would love to have your pattern!
Good luck to you and thanks for a great idea!

On 02 November 2008 (12:08 PM), Karel Melius said:

Can you send me the patterns. Please. Thanks. Karel

On 06 November 2008 (06:16 AM), Cheryl A said:

Would love to try to make these,they sound like they would make such a wonderful gift for anyone working out in the cold in ND

On 09 November 2008 (02:02 PM), Joyce Tangen said:

What does URL mean? I would love to make some mittens like you suggested out of old sweaters, but I must go through my things and see if I can find any old sweaters, maybe I can get some from friends. I am a 75 year old great grandma and I thougt it would be good to make some of your kind of mittens, (they sound easier than knitting). I would try and send you some also if I could have the pattern. Thanking you in advance.


Joyce Tangen
763 Mayhill Rd. N.
Maplewood, Mn. 55119

On 09 November 2008 (05:04 PM), Barb S said:

I would love your pattern. I just got into learning how to felt wool and I want to make mittens as Christmas gifts this year. Also may make some for our local needy families. Would you please email the pattern? Thanks so much.

On 10 November 2008 (10:13 AM), Patty said:

I would also love the pattern. we live in the frozen north and would love to make some to donate locally .


On 13 November 2008 (04:55 PM), Lyne Rutkowski said:


I love your recycled mittens. I'd love to make some to donate. May I please have your pattern? Keep doing what you're doing it's awesome.


On 14 November 2008 (09:54 AM), Sgmfjzch said:

Good luck,

On 14 November 2008 (10:11 PM), Karen Hoekstra said:

I would love the pattern. I just made a scarf out of old sweaters and would love to make mittens for my grandchildren. Thanks, Karen

On 17 November 2008 (10:45 AM), Marg McAulay said:

I'd love the felted mitten pattern for kids at school.Thanks so much.

On 21 November 2008 (07:26 AM), Janice Kempowski said:

please send mitten pattern. Thank you

On 23 November 2008 (08:49 AM), Patty said:

Would love to receive the mitten pattern? Going to go to Good Will to get some sweaters and donate to a local charity.

Thank you for the pattern.

On 24 November 2008 (11:33 AM), Gail Florin said:

Please send the templates for these charity mittens. Can they be lined with fleece for extra warmth? Happy Thanksgiving.

On 24 November 2008 (11:36 AM), Gail Florin said:

Please send pattern templates for children's mittens. Can they be lined in fleece, if so how, for warmer mittens? Thanks. Gail

On 30 November 2008 (09:55 AM), Barb West said:

I would lke to try the pattern to make some for my family. Thanks.

On 02 December 2008 (01:16 PM), Donna said:

I would appreciate it if you could send me the pattern, including how to line them. I've been saving up lots of felted sweaters for a project like this. Thanks!

On 02 December 2008 (05:24 PM), Mroxthsn said:

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On 02 December 2008 (06:05 PM), Ecjcxcsh said:

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