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04 December 2006 — O Holy Nightmare (11)

Rich e-mailed this to me for the flotch, but I'm making it a main entry. Here is a tears-inducing rendition of "O Holy Night". I mean this is truly awful. I cried and laughed at the same time. As Rich says: "Stick around for the big finish."

I haven't the foggiest notion regarding the background of this clip. Is the performance in earnest? Or is it intentionally awful? Who can say? One thing's for sure, though: that's how I actually sound when singing. It's a good thing nobody's recorded me yet.

To wash the bad taste out of your mouth, here's a better rendition of the carol from Tracy Chapman.

(When I was in college and Tracy Chapman had her breakout hit "Fast Car", my then-girlfriend Amy and I had a big argument over the singer's gender. Amy insisted she was a man! Good times.)

On 04 December 2006 (09:26 AM), Lisa said:

I'm glad that you mentioned the finish was worth waiting for, because I would have stopped it before then. Partway through, Albert wandered by and asked, "What's that noise, Mommy?" Indeed.

On 04 December 2006 (10:38 AM), Dave said:

Aaaarrrrrrrgggggghghhhhhhhh... Please make it stop. Curse you oh recorder of absolute crap! And JD, if you're going to willfully violate the terms of the Geneva Convention, at least man up and tell us ahead of time. Dear God...

On 04 December 2006 (11:26 AM), John said:

It will take a long time to come up with something worse than that, but rest assured that I will have my revenge.

If I had to pick between that song, another kidney stone, or being hit by a car again, the choice would be easy. When the car hit me, it had the decency to knock my unconscious!

On 04 December 2006 (12:36 PM), Mom said:

That guy is likely to be in the American Idol auditions, as well. ;-) (I couldn't get Tracy's version to play, doggone it.)

On 04 December 2006 (03:36 PM), Tank said:

There was a moment in "O Holy Night" where I thought I was listening to solo Roger Waters being played through a colon! Perhaps the bowels of satan!

On 05 December 2006 (01:20 PM), mrs darling said:

That is so bad! So very bad!

On 15 December 2006 (01:14 PM), blah said:

This song is truely beautiful. It really did bring me to my knees.... over a trash can! No, I'm serious! I was getting over food poisioning and the song sent me scurring for a trash can and I started dry heaving!

On 06 February 2007 (05:28 PM), Ariel said:

This song is awesome.(NOT) It brings tears to my eyes.I wish he would shut up cuz he really is killing the song and its meaning.

On 16 October 2007 (07:15 PM), Venus said:

Wow. We listned to this song for our listening log at school a few weeks ago and everyone was cracking up. I can't believe how bad he is. It makes me laugh so hard. This made my day.

On 08 November 2007 (10:35 AM), ------- said:

MAN THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE HEARD IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!that was so funny....i was in tears laffing so hard!

On 03 December 2007 (11:49 AM), Kalie said:

how can I download this song? I can't find it anywhere and christmas is fast approaching...