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26 January 2007 — Celine Dion Sings AC/DC (9)

She'll shake you all night long.

Need I say more?

On this day at foldedspace.org

2006Saga Without End   In which one of our trees falls into the neighbor's yard. In which I buy a chainsaw. In which I am the most inept chainsaw user ever.

On 26 January 2007 (11:41 AM), lee said:

Before I clicked on the link, my husband told me "remember, once you watch it, you can't unwatch it."

On 26 January 2007 (04:58 PM), Lisa said:

Lee's husband is right.

On 26 January 2007 (06:53 PM), Dave V. said:

Aaaaagh! The Goggles they do NOTHING!

On 26 January 2007 (07:14 PM), Craig (assisted by Albert) said:

Another demonstration of the superiority of the Social Democratic system: while Americans must pay hundreds of dollars to see Celine and... some other loud woman belt out schlock the Swedes can get this little bit of goodness free on broadcast television: http://video.google.com/videoplaydocid=4462791062611472906

On 26 January 2007 (08:33 PM), jenefer said:

Now that is just weird.

On 26 January 2007 (11:37 PM), Lane said:

The dude with the Cowbell should have his testicles revoked. That is just sad.

On 31 January 2007 (02:11 PM), Allan W. said:

More cowbell!!

On 10 March 2007 (10:22 AM), pdxwoman said:

Meredith is no Angus, that's for sure!

On 26 June 2007 (05:01 PM), s blake said:

That is SAD, just f****ing pathetic, I'm sure it turns her OLD man on