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21 June 2007 — Allergies (1)

Kris has been complaining about her allergies for the past couple of weeks. "They're terrible this year," she says. "It's the worse they've ever been. Aren't yours bothering you?"

No, they're not. In fact, I've quietly been skeptical that this a bad allergy season. Kris talks about it a lot, though. "All the people at work say their allergies are really bad this year. Mine are really bad, too." When we get together with people, she talks about it. "My allergies are really bad this year."

Last night she erupted into a prolonged sneezing fit. I feel for her — I've had bad allergies in the past — but still, I wasn't sure this seasons was especially noxious.

Then I woke up this morning.

As sometimes happens, my allergies came on overnight. I always expect them to hit around July 1st, but their onset is actually variable. One year they didn't hit til August. Apparently the date this year is June 21st. Ugh.

This may be a bad year for allergies.

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On 22 June 2007 (06:33 PM), Betsy said:

Kris is entirely correct.

I am having a horrendous time this year, as are most of my co-workers. I've had to resort to 24 hour Sudafed (smuggled down from Vancouver, Washington) on top of the 24 hour Claritin.

My young daughter - who has never had allergies before - has finally fell victim to heredity, right down to the same symptoms (itchy, watery eyes, lots of sneezing.)


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