Archive of Administration Entries


03 September 2007:
Foldedspace 3.0 — Turn and face the change...
04 July 2007:
A Reasonable Explanation for My Absence — In which I am still here, but buries beneath a pile of everything. (6 comments)
29 June 2007:
Back to the Future — In which I throw in the towel and prepare to move to WordPress. (9 comments)
05 April 2007:
Get Rich Slowly Discussion Forums — In which I ask you to help me start some discussion forums. (1 comments)
16 March 2007:
Six Years of Foldedspace — In which I share my favorite entries of the past six years. (8 comments)
31 December 2006:
The Year I Became a Professional Blogger — In which I review 2006, paying special attention my leap to full-time blogger. (2 comments)
03 November 2006:
Site Tweaks — In which I make a few small changes to the site. (0 comments)
25 October 2006:
By Your Request... — In which I ditch my plans to remodel this site and return to the format that you all know and love. (9 comments)
26 September 2006:
In Transition — In which I point you to the new URL for this site. (0 comments)
20 September 2006:
Help Me Name a Blog — In which I beg for help in naming a new music blog. (7 comments)
28 July 2006:
Funny Money — In which I ask for funny stories about money to post during Blogathon. (0 comments)
07 July 2006:
Sponsor Me for Blogathon 2006 — In which I ask you to help me raise money for charity. (3 comments)
03 June 2006:
A Little Digg — In which Get Rich Slowly gets attention from Digg, but not in a good way. (15 comments)
10 May 2006:
The Street of Cheap Dreams — In which we're having another garage sale. Come buy our junk! (3 comments)
21 April 2006:
Four Color Comics and Get Rich Slowly — In which I discuss my two new weblogs. (6 comments)
16 March 2006:
Foldedspace at Five — In which turns five years old. (24 comments)
20 December 2005:
State of the Blog — In which I spend a day touching on miscellaneous administrative issues. (4 comments)
13 October 2005:
Under Construction — In which I attempt to salvage my old weblog templates. (5 comments)
12 October 2005:
Starting Over — In which my weblog has died. In which I attempt to construct a new weblog. (11 comments)
03 February 2005:
The Great Conversation — ln which I argue the greater your familiarity with the classics, the richer your everyday reading experience. (1 comments)
06 June 2004:
About This Site — In which I impart information for new visitors. (11 comments)
23 March 2004:
Brinkmann ProSeries 2200 — In which I buy a new grill. In which I redesign this site. (0 comments)
16 March 2004:
3 — In which this site turns three. (0 comments)
14 March 2004:
Host Hunt — In which I research web hosts in preparation to moving foldedspace. (0 comments)
11 January 2002:
Who Owns the Memories? — In which I contemplate what should and should not be shared in a public weblog.