Archive of Books Entries


19 January 2007:
Touchstones of Success — In which we have dinner with Ron and Kara at their new house. In which I borrow a book from Kara. (0 comments)
05 January 2007:
Movie Preview: The Golden Compass — In which I share stills from the upcoming film, The Golden Compass. (22 comments)
12 July 2006:
My First Book — In which I remember the first books I ever read. (7 comments)
17 June 2006:
Contest: Science Fiction Blurbs — In which I host a contest to identify real science fiction book blurbs from fake ones. (7 comments)
15 June 2006:
Re-Arranged — In which I plan to re-arrange my library. (9 comments)
25 May 2006:
The Da Vinci Crud — In which I love Anthony Lane's review of The Da Vinci Code. (15 comments)
17 February 2006:
He Opened His Mouth and Breathed Out Spring — In which I once again sing the praises of Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. (8 comments)
08 December 2005:
In Praise of Regional Writing — In which I dote over southern writers and long to be able to write strong regional fiction about the Willamette Valley. (3 comments)
01 December 2005:
Book Group Reading List 2005 — In which I share our book group's reading list and a catalog of favorite quotations. (2 comments)
26 October 2005:
The Dewey Dumbcimal System — In which I attempt (and fail) to organize my nonfiction library according to the Dewey Decimal system. (7 comments)
22 October 2005:
Autumn Weekend — In which autumn is here. In which I attend the Multnomah Country Library book sale with Mitch and his children. In which we have dinner in McMinnville.
10 July 2005:
The Problem With Science Fiction — In which I bemoan the state of science fiction. In which my readers bemoan my bemoaning. (0 comments)
14 June 2005:
Movies Better Than the Books That Inspired Them — In which my readers and I brainstorm for movies better than the books that inspired them. We don't always agree. (2 comments)
23 May 2005:
Getting Things Done — In which I read and comment on David Allen's popular book on organization, Getting Things Done. (9 comments)
26 April 2005:
Get Rich Slowly! — In which I read and summarize several financial self-help books. (44 comments)
16 April 2005:
The Education of Henry Adams — In which I am fascinated by the autobiography of Henry Adams, who was a very introspective man. (0 comments)
07 February 2005:
Sidetracked — In which I move all of my books from upstairs to downstairs. (0 comments)
03 February 2005:
The Great Conversation — ln which I argue the greater your familiarity with the classics, the richer your everyday reading experience. (1 comments)
09 September 2004:
I Dreamed Once More of Berma — In which I rave about Proust.
08 September 2004:
Books on Tape — In which I discover the joys of listening to audiobooks and believe it could become a habit.
13 April 2004:
Ten Most Important Books — In which my readers and I each discuss the ten books that have been most important to our lives. (3 comments)
28 February 2004:
Founding Brothers — In which the book Founding Brothers gives me some insight into the nature of our two-party political system.
25 January 2004:
Hitler's Baby Pictures — In which the book group is reading several books on the Holocaust, and I meditate on some of what I've read. (8 comments)
16 November 2003:
The Literary Canon — In which I meditate at length on the nature of the literary canon. (3 comments)
21 October 2003:
Gryphon — In which I share a favorite story from the wonderful anthology that we're using in my writing class.
12 July 2003:
Famous First Lines — In which I devise a contest for the readers of this weblog: identify the books from which I've drawn these opening lines.
09 July 2003:
125 — In which I continue to recover from knee surgery. In which I begin to read Proust.
10 June 2003:
Within a Budding Grove — In which I dote on Proust, especially the grahic novel adaptation of his work.
24 April 2003:
Social Personality — In which reading Proust inspires a meditation on the nature of personality, both as perceived by ourselves and by others.
23 March 2003:
Unsubscribe — In which I have too many magazine subscriptions. (0 comments)
04 November 2002:
Life of Pi — In which I am enamored with The Life of Pi, which I am midway through. (2 comments)
01 November 2002:
The Lee Shore — In which I share a fantastic passage from Moby Dick.
05 June 2002:
Angela's Ashes, Part Two — In which I share another favorite passage from Angela's Ashes. (0 comments)
04 June 2002:
Angela's Ashes, Part One — In which I share favorite passages from Angela's Ashes. (1 comments)
10 November 2001:
Rugby and Stephen King — In which I watch the same rugby match over-and-over. In which I read Stephen King.
30 April 2001:
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Mediocrity — In which I am NOT impressed by David Eggers. (0 comments)