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13 June 2007:
Jarhead — In which Rhonda joins us for a trip to purchase canning jars. (7 comments)
24 May 2007:
Ambrosia Pie, and Other Recipes from the 1940s — In which Kris shares some timeless family recipes. (6 comments)
07 May 2007:
Tomato Planting Day — In which Kris takes a day off work to plant the garden. (10 comments)
20 July 2006:
One Nation — In which Kris shares memories of her fifth-grade teacher. (4 comments)
20 June 2006:
An Introduction to Classic Films — In which Kris creates a guide to classic film. (13 comments)
13 March 2004:
My Husband, the Chef — In which describes the terrible ordeal of the Texas Sheetcake. (0 comments)