Archive of Cats Entries


16 August 2007:
Toto Has Two Daddies — In which Toto adopts Paul Jolstead as a surrogate father. (1 comments)
05 June 2007:
Cat Time — In which I decide that Cat Time does not occur in the evening, but at 4 a.m. (3 comments)
04 June 2007:
Dad! Let Me In! — In which Max is unhappy. (4 comments)
05 May 2007:
Peace in Our Time — In which the cats declare a temporary truce. (2 comments)
01 May 2007:
When Cats Dream, They Dream of This — In which the cats bring a pigeon into the house. (7 comments)
10 April 2007:
Cat Calendar — In which I share a favorite photo from our cat calendar. (3 comments)
28 March 2007:
A Cat Post — In which I share an update on my cats, as well as some photos... (5 comments)
15 March 2007:
Max and Toto Sitting in a Tree — In which Max spends five minutes sleeping next to Toto. (7 comments)
28 February 2007:
Three Out of Four Cats Agree... — In which the cats love to sit in Kris' lap. (2 comments)
15 February 2007:
Tales of the Chicken, Video Edition — In which I share video of our feral chicken. (6 comments)
29 January 2007:
Cat vs. Kid: The Showdown — In which I share a video that perfectly encapsulates the foldedspace philosophy. (3 comments)
24 January 2007:
Cats on Film — In which I videotape the cats as they wander around the yard. (4 comments)
15 January 2007:
Low-Tech Comfort — In which we spend a pleasant morning with our cats. (7 comments)
01 January 2007:
Meatball's Big Adventure — In which Max has a grand adventure out-of-doors. (6 comments)
14 December 2006:
Duke, R.I.P. — In which Duke is dead. (18 comments)
14 November 2006:
Update on the Shop Cats (and Chicken) — In which the animals at the shop are doing well. (4 comments)
01 November 2006:
A Letter to a Friend (from Simon) — In which Simon sends a letter to his friend, Nine, describing his lovely weekend. (3 comments)
18 October 2006:
Max and Duke — In which I provide an update on Max and Duke, the shop cats. (2 comments)
27 July 2006:
And the Chicken Shall Lie Down with the Cats — In which a stray chicken lives with our kittens. (2 comments)
25 June 2006:
Too Hot — In which Simon thinks it is too hot. (1 comments)
16 May 2006:
Saving Baby Jay — In which Nemo catches a baby jay, but Kris and I rescue it (or try to). (12 comments)
27 March 2006:
Wide-Angle Cats — In which I take more photos of my cats. (4 comments)
16 February 2006:
Kentucky Fried Kitten — In which I propose a novel new concept in fast food. (26 comments)
10 December 2005:
Introduction to Our Cats — In which I introduce you to Toto, Simon, and Nemo. (2 comments)
14 November 2005:
Helpless — In which something is wrong with Simon, but we don't know what. (11 comments)
18 May 2005:
Too Much Cat — In which I share a horde of cat pictures, videos, games, and stories, all collected from other sites. (7 comments)
01 March 2005:
Cat Pictures — In which I take photographs of my cats. Again. (0 comments)
03 October 2004:
The Blood of a Squirrel — In which Simon murders Walnut, our favorite squirrel. (1 comments)
08 June 2004:
I Am Interviewed By Toto The Cat — In which I am interviewed by Toto the cat.
21 March 2004:
Sunny Sunday — In which spring is here and I take photographs. (0 comments)
03 November 2003:
Cats That Won't Stop — In which I dote on my cats.
10 January 2003:
I Hurt Myself Laughing — In which I share a photo of a shaved cat. (1 comments)
10 June 2002:
Satchel is Dead — In which Satchel is struck by a car and killed. (0 comments)
25 May 2001:
Tintin is Dying — In which The Best Cat Ever hasn't long to live, and that breaks my heart. (0 comments)