Archive of Comic Books Entries


08 June 2007:
My Comic Book Conundrum — In which I cannot decide how to collect my comics. (3 comments)
27 May 2007:
The Indispensable Comic Strip Reprint Library — In which I list the best of the ongoing comic strip reprint projects. (5 comments)
04 May 2007:
Why I Won't See Spider-Man 3 — In which this film looks awful. (2 comments)
26 April 2007:
A Crime Lab in the Trunk — In which Batman has a crime lab in the trunk. (3 comments)
12 April 2007:
Gasoline Alley - A Walk in the Woods — In which I rave about Gasoline Alley, one of my favorite comic strips. (0 comments)
09 September 2006:
The New Frugal J.D. — In which I resist the temptation to buy comic books. (3 comments)
22 May 2006:
Graphic Novels for People Who Hate Comics — In which I compile a list of graphic novels that average people might enjoy. (48 comments)
13 January 2006:
Little Lulu — In which I am keen on the old comic book character Little Lulu. (5 comments)
09 February 2005:
Superman is a Dick — In which I share silly comic book covers. (1 comments)
21 May 2004:
My Little Pony — In which I play with Emma's ponies. In which I continue to teach Harrison about comic books.
29 April 2004:
Super Powers — In which we discuss our favorite superheroes and try to decide which super powers we'd like to have. (1 comments)
27 July 2003:
J.D. in Slumberland — In which I read Little Nemo in Slumberland, a comic strip from the early 1900s, and it gives me nightmares.
10 June 2003:
Within a Budding Grove — In which I dote on Proust, especially the grahic novel adaptation of his work.