Archive of Daily Life Entries


21 June 2007:
Allergies — In which it's a bad year for allergies. (6 comments)
11 June 2007:
Unrelaxing Weekend — In which we get a lot done, and have a lot of fun, but don't have time for ourselves. (2 comments)
01 June 2007:
I Learn Ping-Pong — In which I take table tennis lessons from my former soccer coach. (3 comments)
31 May 2007:
The Early Bird — In which I rise at 4 a.m. to excercise and write. (2 comments)
26 May 2007:
Busy as a Bzz-Bzz Bee — In which takes photos of bees at work in her flower garden. (6 comments)
14 May 2007:
An Unpleasant Surprise — In which there are skunks under the trailer again. (7 comments)
11 May 2007:
We're Not Interested — In which I do not sign up for the online yellow pages. (4 comments)
23 April 2007:
Ten Suit Jackets, Barely Worn — In which I try on all my suit jackets. (1 comments)
22 April 2007:
Project De-Clutter — In which Kris and I de-clutter our lives. (3 comments)
19 April 2007:
A Frustrating Phone Call — In which I don't have a medium box. (8 comments)
16 April 2007:
A Weekend of Stories — In which I rise from the tub, naked. In which I nearly kill myself with a chainsaw. In which we sneak into Will and Marla's house. (4 comments)
13 April 2007:
A Three-Foot Monster — In which I am scared by my nephew, Noah. (3 comments)
08 April 2007:
One Small Step — In which Meatball thinks he is a step. In which I'm going to cut back on blogs. In which we have lovely weather. (8 comments)
03 April 2007:
Wii Man — In which I have been playing a lot of Nintendo Wii lately. (3 comments)
26 March 2007:
Birthday Weekend — In which I celebrate my 38th birthday in a casual way. (11 comments)
24 March 2007:
30 Minutes — In which I attempt to assuage my critics. (3 comments)
22 March 2007:
25 Minutes — In which I race from home to work, attempting to set a personal best. (9 comments)
20 March 2007:
Goose Nexus — In which we are surrounded by geese. In which Jeff saves me from a bee. In which I share photos of the chicken. (3 comments)
11 March 2007:
Sunday Morning Coming Down — In which I take a walk. In which I am lonely. (1 comments)
04 March 2007:
A Clean Mess — In which I clean my desk. (3 comments)
22 January 2007:
A Descent Into Madness — In which a day begins pleasantly, but ends poorly. (19 comments)
10 January 2007:
605 BZT — In which I am thwarted by a slow driver. (5 comments)
27 December 2006:
Story Problem — In which I wonder if you can determine how fast a vehicle is traveling by the length of its skid marks. (4 comments)
21 December 2006:
Return to Leisure — In which my hectic pace slows to something more agreeable. (4 comments)
06 December 2006:
How to Walk — In which I get walking lessons from the man at the shoe store. (4 comments)
22 November 2006:
Tales of the Chicken, part six — In which I share more adventures of the animals at Custom Box. (1 comments)
17 November 2006:
Icicle — In which I am cold through-and-through. (1 comments)
14 November 2006:
Update on the Shop Cats (and Chicken) — In which the animals at the shop are doing well. (4 comments)
02 November 2006:
Complaints of a Boxmaker — In which I grouse about stupid people who order boxes. (3 comments)
30 October 2006:
Found on Road, Dead — In which the ignition on my Ford Focus is frozen. (7 comments)
09 September 2006:
The New Frugal J.D. — In which I resist the temptation to buy comic books. (3 comments)
12 August 2006:
Skinflint on Vacation — In which I take my first vacation as a frugal guy. (2 comments)
09 August 2006:
J.D. the Duck — In which Lieberman loses, and I am like a duck. (8 comments)
30 July 2006:
Too Tired to Sleep — In which I'm tired after Blogathon, but unable to get any rest. (2 comments)
27 July 2006:
And the Chicken Shall Lie Down with the Cats — In which a stray chicken lives with our kittens. (2 comments)
22 July 2006:
The War Against the Heat — In which it is hot and humid. In which the mosquitoes love me. (2 comments)
18 July 2006:
Addiction! — In which Kris is addicted to NPR. (2 comments)
13 July 2006:
Rediscovering Ramen — In which I taste an old friend. (7 comments)
27 June 2006:
Frugal Weekend — In which we have a busy weekend attending garage sales, potlucks, and fancy dinners. (3 comments)
23 June 2006:
Three Kittens — In which there are three kittens at Custom Box Service, but no sign of their mother. (17 comments)
26 May 2006:
Further Tales from Rosings Park — In which I describe a typical spring day at Rosings Park. (8 comments)
24 May 2006:
Think It'll Rain? — In which the rain falls hard and fast. (3 comments)
21 May 2006:
These Little Things Which Make Up Life — In which I describe my final afternooon walk with Jason. (3 comments)
09 May 2006:
The Cat Came Back? — In which I hit a cat. (7 comments)
07 May 2006:
Insomnia — In which I cannot sleep. (0 comments)
03 May 2006:
Stayin' Alive — In which I am still here. (1 comments)
28 April 2006:
Convalescing — In which I recover from my illness by sitting outside in the warm spring air. In which I share some photographs. (11 comments)
27 April 2006:
A Visit With Doctor Comic-Book-Guy — In which Doctor Comic-Book-Guy puts me on drugs to combat my fever. (6 comments)
25 April 2006:
101.4 — In which I have a fever. (11 comments)
20 April 2006:
Spring Reverie — In which I capture some moments in spring. (3 comments)
17 April 2006:
A Map in My Heart — In which I have dinner with two good friends; in which a visit to Willamette U. floods me with memories. (1 comments)
14 April 2006:
Dietary Resource Page — In which Kris and I begin a diet together, and I share what I know about nutrition. (5 comments)
28 March 2006:
Impasse with Vegetable Juice — In which I cannot drink a V8. (17 comments)
21 March 2006:
How to Get Me to Exercise and to Eat Right — In which a customer pats my belly. (7 comments)
09 March 2006:
White Surprise — In which it snows. (6 comments)
08 March 2006:
Sales Call, and The Last of the Sod — In which I make a sales call to Independence. In which we get rid of the sod. (3 comments)
15 February 2006:
The Waters of March — In which the cold world makes me happy and a Brazilian song makes me happier. (5 comments)
06 February 2006:
Eternal Sunshine — In which it is a beautiful day. In which February is not the long dark teatime of the year. (0 comments)
04 February 2006:
Elliptical — In which I am loving my return to exercise. In which I learn to use the elliptical machine and re-learn the game of racquetball. (3 comments)
26 January 2006:
Saga Without End — In which one of our trees falls into the neighbor's yard. In which I buy a chainsaw. In which I am the most inept chainsaw user ever. (11 comments)
20 January 2006:
State of Confusion — In which I take the long way home in order to help Kris fill in more of her mental map of Portland. (6 comments)
05 January 2006:
Alas, Chantico, I Hardly Knew Thee — In which my beloved chantico has been retired; in which my camera battery is dead; in which I cannot find a quotation. (7 comments)
11 December 2005:
No Sleep For You! — In which Kris interferes with my sleep. (9 comments)
05 December 2005:
Sleepless in Oak Grove — In which I overdose on Dayquil and then am unable to sleep. (3 comments)
29 November 2005:
Perfect Weekend — In which I spend Thanksgiving Weekend with friends and family, being both productive and social. (7 comments)
27 November 2005:
Hot Cocoa and Toast — In which nothing is finer on a cold November Sunday than hot cocoa and toast (unless, of course, that hot cocoa is spilled all over the counter.) (8 comments)
23 November 2005:
Ghost of Thanksgiving Past — In which I see my father, ten-years dead, alive and well in Costco. (4 comments)
17 November 2005:
The Great Book Purge — In which I purge a large portion of my library. In which we take possession of a new range. (10 comments)
11 November 2005:
Sssssssssssssnake! — In which I find a snake on the road and take him home with me. (6 comments)
08 November 2005:
Natural Sleep, and First Frost — In which I attempt to use Sabino's natural sleep method. In which we experience the first frost of the year. (7 comments)
07 November 2005:
Voluntary Addiction — In which a return to one of my former addictions (World of Warcraft) leads me to meditate on the nature of addiction. (12 comments)
04 November 2005:
Messenger — In which I race a bird. (2 comments)
03 November 2005:
I Heart My C-PAP Machine — In which I sleep without my C-PAP machine and wake exhausted in the morning. (3 comments)
02 November 2005:
Friends and Neighbors — In which the dry cleaner admires my clothes. In which my neighbor belittles my car care skills. In which Harrison wants a bath. (7 comments)
01 November 2005:
Wet! — In which it is wet. In which I follow a car full of kittens. (10 comments)
31 October 2005:
Windy! — In which we experience an early-morning wind storm. (3 comments)
28 October 2005:
My Throat Hurts — In which my throat hurts. (11 comments)
16 October 2005:
Forty-Four Ounces — In which I drink too much cocoa, drink too much diet soda, and eat too much re-heated Chinese food so that I am unable to fall asleep. (6 comments)
14 October 2005:
Burger Therapy — In which I am tired. In which I eat a chili burger and watch Undeclared. In which weblog repairs continue. (10 comments)
06 October 2005:
Personal Day — In which I stay home from work to clean house, run errands, prepare a delicious steak, drink wine, listen to Motown, and play computer games. It is an excellent day.
08 July 2005:
Sleep Apnea — In which my sleep problems are officially revealed to be caused by sleep apnea. (2 comments)
05 June 2005:
Snake in the Grass — In which we see a community theater production with Will and Marla. In which we watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (0 comments)
08 May 2005:
Garage Sale Update — In which our garage sale is a success! (0 comments)
04 May 2005:
Manly Talk at the Barber Shop — In which a trip to the barber shop is like a journey to another world. (0 comments)
21 March 2005:
Brushless Shave Cream — In which the new barber in Canby remembers that I have problems shaving. He sells me a shave cream that he says will cure all my ills. (0 comments)
28 January 2005:
The Power of the Internet — In which the internet is powerful in many ways, but I like it because it can help me track down a song I like in a television commercial. (2 comments)
14 December 2004:
Nightmares — In which I have a series of nightmares. (0 comments)
29 October 2004:
The Shape of Things — In which the Custom Box gang is loads of fun. In which Tony can't drive. In which an old tree comes down. In which Nick contemplates the shape of the Universe. (0 comments)
21 October 2004:
Chilly — In which my inner core is cold.
28 April 2004:
Kind of Blue — In which a conversation with kids -- Harrison and Emma -- helps turn a blue day into a good one. (0 comments)
22 March 2004:
Ants of Mystery — In which the ants are not only invading our house, but they're also invading our shrubbery! (0 comments)
07 February 2004:
Stop! I Will Tell You What to Do — In which Kris isn't bossy — she just likes to tell me what to do. (0 comments)
24 January 2004:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert) — In which I accompany Paul and Tom to see The Decemberists perform. In which Paul has trouble remembering the name of a former girlfriend.
11 January 2004:
Mystic River — In which I eat a cheese that tastes like shit. In which we see the film Mystic River.
07 January 2004:
Ice World — In which we wake to a world encased in ice.
10 November 2003:
Dethroned! — In which a tasty Japanese candy rips a crown from one of my teeth.
27 July 2003:
J.D. in Slumberland — In which I read Little Nemo in Slumberland, a comic strip from the early 1900s, and it gives me nightmares.
09 July 2003:
125 — In which I continue to recover from knee surgery. In which I begin to read Proust.
05 June 2003:
Physical Therapy — In which I attend my first post-knee surgery physical therapy appointment. (0 comments)
Nintety-Five Degrees — In which I enjoy a perfect day with my wife and cats. (0 comments)
06 April 2003:
Sunday Painful Sunday — In which an asshole kicks a dog. In which my knee is not better. In which I love a comic book store. (0 comments)
22 March 2003:
Snatch, turn, suck, drop, hop — In which Kris and I watch a bird in the cherry tree. Might this lead to a hobby someday? (He asks with three years of hindsight.) (0 comments)
11 January 2003:
No Longer Tired — In which I cannot sleep. In which I take a photography class with Mac.
19 October 2002:
Fall Thoughts — In which I soak in the tub, buy a ham from Voget Meats, edit a video for the soccer team, and browse at Powell's Books.
29 August 2002:
pinched nerve — in which my shoulder hurts (0 comments)
27 June 2002:
Good Samaritan — In which I help stranded motorists. (0 comments)
07 May 2002:
Scrabble — In which all of Custom Box Service is hooked on Scrabout, a Scrabble clone. (8 comments)
14 April 2002:
De-Fenceless — In which the wind blows over our fence, which means I'll have to exercise my non-existent handyman genes. (0 comments)
28 February 2002:
Meteorological Spring — In which meteorological spring has arrived. In which I share a list of favorite a capella songs. (2 comments)
12 July 2001:
Daily Life — In which I enjoy a summer of biking, reading, and killing demonic hordes. (0 comments)
05 June 2001:
Run-Down — In which I'm home sick, cooking myself steaks, getting drunk on red wine, and beginning the process of ripping all my CDs to MP3. (0 comments)
07 May 2001:
Bachelor Life — In which Kris is gone for a week, so I have time to live a man's life. (0 comments)
24 April 2001:
16.9 Miles — In which I have a lovely bike ride. (0 comments)
20 March 2001:
Biking Statistics — In which I keep detailed statistics about my bike rides. (0 comments)