Archive of Food Entries


07 August 2007:
In the Garden, and Trouble at Gino's — In which our trip to Europe has inspired me to make changes to our garden. In which we have a disappointing experience at Gino's. (2 comments)
24 May 2007:
Ambrosia Pie, and Other Recipes from the 1940s — In which Kris shares some timeless family recipes. (6 comments)
20 May 2007:
Learning to Make Steamed Clams — In which I experiment with steaming clams, trying to develop my own recipe. (5 comments)
17 April 2007:
Jeremy's Clams — In which I share Jeremy's impromptu recipe for clams. Yum! (0 comments)
02 April 2007:
The Pleasures of Hot Food — In which we have HOT food at Gino's, and then at the Gingeriches. (7 comments)
13 February 2007:
Chet: The Secret Recipe — In which I share Mike and Wendy's secret recipe for Chet, a salt-based seasoning. (0 comments)
05 February 2007:
A Salty Snack — In which I send a collection of salts to my little friend, Kaden. (2 comments)
27 November 2006:
You Win Some, You Lose Some — In which we make a terrible meal for friends. In which I make some delicious bean soup for myself. (2 comments)
07 November 2006:
Recipes from Rosings Park — In which I share recipes from our friends and family. (3 comments)
24 October 2006:
Peking Duck — In which we have a Chinese feast. In which I field complaints about this weblog. (1 comments)
07 October 2006:
Corked — In which I am unhappy with cork'd, the wine-rating site. (0 comments)
03 October 2006:
A Taste of Autumn — In which we enjoy our first gourmet meal of the season. (1 comments)
28 September 2006:
Sungari — In which Kris, Tiffany, and I enjoy great Chinese food at Sungari. (0 comments)
24 August 2006:
Lapsang Souchong: Strong Tea for People Who Hate Coffee — In which I rave about Lapsang Souchong (and Thai tea, too). (5 comments)
07 August 2006:
Recipe: Thai Salad Rolls — In which I share my impromptu recipe for Thai salad rolls. (7 comments)
13 July 2006:
Rediscovering Ramen — In which I taste an old friend. (7 comments)
14 April 2006:
Dietary Resource Page — In which Kris and I begin a diet together, and I share what I know about nutrition. (5 comments)
05 April 2006:
The Spontaneous Gourmet — In which I FINALLY invent a good dish. (2 comments)
07 March 2006:
Death by Chocolate (Home-Brewed Chantico) — In which I make my first batch of chantico and drink too much of the stuff. (3 comments)
06 March 2006:
Food Day — In which we spend a marvelous day eating the best Portland has to offer. (4 comments)
03 March 2006:
Liquid Gold — In which some kind readers ship me three bags of chantico mix! (6 comments)
27 February 2006:
Small Meals — In which I wax rhapsodic over a corned beef sandwich. (2 comments)
12 February 2006:
Knife Skills — In which I take a knife skills class with Craig and Kris. In which I buy a nice knife. (15 comments)
24 January 2006:
Thai Yum — In which I share recipes for Thai Tuna Salad and Myang Kham, two of my favorite Thai foods. (3 comments)
29 December 2005:
The Finest Restaurant in All of Portland — In which I dream of owning a restaurant and running it with my friends. (7 comments)
14 December 2005:
Enough Food to Feed an Army — In which Kris and I hoard vast quantities of food (including a quarter of a cow). (14 comments)
27 November 2005:
Hot Cocoa and Toast — In which nothing is finer on a cold November Sunday than hot cocoa and toast (unless, of course, that hot cocoa is spilled all over the counter.) (8 comments)
19 October 2005:
Rosemary Verde — In which I share a recipe for a rosemary-flavored cocktail from Ciao Vito. In which I have confidence in myself. (3 comments)
16 October 2005:
Forty-Four Ounces — In which I drink too much cocoa, drink too much diet soda, and eat too much re-heated Chinese food so that I am unable to fall asleep. (6 comments)
14 October 2005:
Burger Therapy — In which I am tired. In which I eat a chili burger and watch Undeclared. In which weblog repairs continue. (10 comments)
06 October 2005:
Personal Day — In which I stay home from work to clean house, run errands, prepare a delicious steak, drink wine, listen to Motown, and play computer games. It is an excellent day.
10 June 2005:
Gin Fizz, Illustrated — In which I share excerpts from an old drink mixing book and an old dinner party book. (1 comments)
06 April 2005:
Tuesday is Sno-Ball Day — In which I love Hostess Sno-Balls. (0 comments)
24 January 2005:
Best Hot Chocolate Ever — In which I share the recipe for Jeffrey Steingarten's chocolat chaud. Yum. (1 comments)
06 April 2004:
American Ethnic Food — In which I discover the joys of Tater Tot Hot Dish. (0 comments)
13 March 2004:
My Husband, the Chef — In which describes the terrible ordeal of the Texas Sheetcake. (0 comments)
08 December 2003:
Friend Thanksgiving X — In which Kris Gates is always right.
01 September 2003:
Still the Best Salsa Ever — In which I still love our salsa recipe. Try it! Love it! (1 comments)
07 March 2003:
Best Clam Chowder Ever — In which I share the recipe for my famous clam chowder, a chowder I like better than any other I've tried. (5 comments)
05 February 2003:
Mini Bagel Dogs — In which everyone at Custom Box Service loves min bagel dogs! (17 comments)
03 December 2002:
Best Gingerbread Cookies Ever — In which I share Jenn's recipe for the best gingerbread cookies ever. (4 comments)
11 September 2002:
Best Salsa Ever — In which Kris and I make a delicious salsa that's also easy to prepare! (0 comments)
14 March 2002:
In the Bedroom — In which Kris and I enjoy a fine meal at the Veritable Quandary. In which we see In the Bedroom. In which it may snow on St. Patrick's Day. (0 comments)