Archive of Friends and Family Entries


21 August 2007:
Reunions — In which we attend a family reunion. In which we have dinner with Mac and Pam. (4 comments)
16 August 2007:
Toto Has Two Daddies — In which Toto adopts Paul Jolstead as a surrogate father. (1 comments)
25 June 2007:
Lost Post — In which I lose an important post to a computer crash. I which I have a new digital camera with video ability. (7 comments)
18 June 2007:
Splat Action! — In which we play paintball with Celeste and Nikki. In which I bike into Portland with Matt. In which I am sore. (7 comments)
22 May 2007:
Contest: The Cowgirls of Trace Evidence — In which Mike Banks suggests a photo caption contest. In which I think that's a great idea. (12 comments)
30 April 2007:
Sunriver Weekend 2007 — In which we have a great time on our annual retreat. (1 comments)
13 April 2007:
A Three-Foot Monster — In which I am scared by my nephew, Noah. (3 comments)
08 April 2007:
One Small Step — In which Meatball thinks he is a step. In which I'm going to cut back on blogs. In which we have lovely weather. (8 comments)
02 April 2007:
The Pleasures of Hot Food — In which we have HOT food at Gino's, and then at the Gingeriches. (7 comments)
21 February 2007:
Music for Nine-Year-Olds — In which I attempt to make a mix CD for a 9-year-old girl. (11 comments)
19 February 2007:
Liam Mackenzie! — In which Mac and Pam welcome a son into the world. (1 comments)
05 February 2007:
A Salty Snack — In which I send a collection of salts to my little friend, Kaden. (2 comments)
30 January 2007:
Minor Miracles — In which I mow the lawn in January; Toto and Meatball sit side-by-side and purr; I edit video instead of doing the things that I ought to do. (9 comments)
19 January 2007:
Touchstones of Success — In which we have dinner with Ron and Kara at their new house. In which I borrow a book from Kara. (0 comments)
11 January 2007:
Totally Tomatoes — In which Kris and her friends are obsessed. (7 comments)
13 December 2006:
Videochat — In which Hank and I have a videochat. (2 comments)
12 December 2006:
Dutch Treat — In which the Dutch kids make the rounds. (3 comments)
27 November 2006:
You Win Some, You Lose Some — In which we make a terrible meal for friends. In which I make some delicious bean soup for myself. (2 comments)
07 November 2006:
Recipes from Rosings Park — In which I share recipes from our friends and family. (3 comments)
29 October 2006:
How I Spent My Weekend — In which I spend an excellent, social weekend with friends, despite feeling like crap. (3 comments)
24 October 2006:
Peking Duck — In which we have a Chinese feast. In which I field complaints about this weblog. (1 comments)
24 September 2006:
Billions and Billions — In which Harrison learns about galaxies. (1 comments)
10 July 2006:
Family Reunion — In which Kris and I host a Roth family reunion. In which my cousins tell stories. In which I play with a medium-format camera. (4 comments)
28 June 2006:
Blue Jay Riot — In which life conspires to deprive Kris of sleep. (6 comments)
30 May 2006:
The Long Weekend — In which we have an excellent Memorial Day weekend and now need a holiday to rest up. (2 comments)
17 April 2006:
A Map in My Heart — In which I have dinner with two good friends; in which a visit to Willamette U. floods me with memories. (1 comments)
26 March 2006:
I Am So Many! — In which I turn thirty-seven, and throw a poetry party to celebrate. (6 comments)
19 March 2006:
Adelaide Esther Miron — In which Joel and Aimee welcome Adelaide Esther Miron into this world. (2 comments)
13 March 2006:
Nora — In which Eleanor Pearl Briscoe comes into this world (3 comments)
06 March 2006:
Food Day — In which we spend a marvelous day eating the best Portland has to offer. (4 comments)
24 February 2006:
Emily Lenae — In which Jeff and Steph welcome a new baby girl into the world. (2 comments)
28 December 2005:
Bluefoot — Iin which Kris falls into a hole. (12 comments)
18 December 2005:
U2 Dance — In which Jeremy dances with his children.
13 December 2005:
Isabel Pilar — In which Kim and Sabino welcome a daughter into this world. (24 comments)
12 December 2005:
Now It Can Be Told — In which I relate the tale of Harrison's birth from the perspective of iniquitous men. (3 comments)
02 December 2005:
The Two Kinds of Christmas Shoppers — In which I am not the sort who has his Christmas shopping done already. (9 comments)
29 November 2005:
Perfect Weekend — In which I spend Thanksgiving Weekend with friends and family, being both productive and social. (7 comments)
29 October 2005:
Bumper Bowling — In which we go bowling with the Gingeriches and their kids. (2 comments)
22 October 2005:
Autumn Weekend — In which autumn is here. In which I attend the Multnomah Country Library book sale with Mitch and his children. In which we have dinner in McMinnville.
15 October 2005:
Soccer for Six-Year-Olds — In which Kris drags me to Hank's soccer game and I enjoy it. (1 comments)
11 October 2005:
New Orleans Update — In which Mr. Durbin provides us with an update in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
15 July 2005:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — In which I meet some other Oregon webloggers. In which I see (and enjoy) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (0 comments)
04 July 2005:
Noisy Fourth — In which our neighborhood sounds like a war zone. (0 comments)
17 March 2005:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert, 2005 Edition) — In which I travel to Eugene to see The Decemberists with Paul and Susan. (0 comments)
17 January 2005:
Bill — In which I reminisce about a college rommate whom I have not heard from in many years.
26 December 2004:
Love, Actually — In which we've had a wonderful holiday season. (0 comments)
31 October 2004:
Trick or Treat — In which I overcome my distaste for costumes to actually win a costume contest!
12 March 2004:
The Best Uncle Ever — In which I am the best uncle ever. (0 comments)
03 February 2004:
Yakima 2004 — In which we spend a wonderful weekend in Yakima with the Gingerich family. (0 comments)
24 January 2004:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert) — In which I accompany Paul and Tom to see The Decemberists perform. In which Paul has trouble remembering the name of a former girlfriend.
08 December 2003:
Friend Thanksgiving X — In which Kris Gates is always right.
25 November 2003:
The Family Business — In which working in a family business has its ups and downs.
22 November 2003:
Found Photo — In which I find a Roth family photograph during a trip to an antique store.
09 November 2003:
B-I-N-G-O — In which we join the Mirons for BINGO at the Senior Center. In which I win money playing BINGO at the Senior Center.
10 September 2003:
Old Friends — In which I am neglecting my physical therapy. In which I remember Simon and Garfunkel. (0 comments)
29 August 2003:
Musical Interlude — In which we see the symphony by the river. In which Harrison explains about rainbows. In which I am fond of Eros Ramazzotti. (0 comments)
28 April 2003:
Bend Weekend 2003 — In which we have returned from another fine trip to Sunriver. (0 comments)
16 March 2003:
Cousins — In which I have many cousins. In which my cousins have many children. (2 comments)
07 January 2003:
Diego Fiesta! — In which Kim and Sabino welcome Diego Manuel into this world.
26 December 2002:
It's a Wonderful Life — In which we spend a relaxing Christmas with family and friends. In which we see Gangs of New York. (1 comments)
20 November 2002:
Chamber of Secrets Photos — In which a group of us dresses in costume to see the premier of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (0 comments)
24 January 2002:
Best Hearts Game Ever — In which Kris, Mac, Pam, and I play a marathon game of Hearts and have a blast! (Those were the days.) (0 comments)
08 December 2001:
A Helping Hand — In which I help Dave and Karen work on their new house.