Archive of FS Best Of Entries


27 May 2007:
The Indispensable Comic Strip Reprint Library — In which I list the best of the ongoing comic strip reprint projects. (5 comments)
11 May 2007:
We're Not Interested — In which I do not sign up for the online yellow pages. (4 comments)
23 February 2007:
Smart Kids — In which I meditate on what it was like to be a smart kid, and how that has affected who I am today. (It's not entirely good.) (9 comments)
21 February 2007:
Music for Nine-Year-Olds — In which I attempt to make a mix CD for a 9-year-old girl. (11 comments)
15 February 2007:
Tales of the Chicken, Video Edition — In which I share video of our feral chicken. (6 comments)
24 January 2007:
Cats on Film — In which I videotape the cats as they wander around the yard. (4 comments)
07 November 2006:
Recipes from Rosings Park — In which I share recipes from our friends and family. (3 comments)
12 October 2006:
The Carrion Drive — In which I recount the dead animals I have seen on the side of the road. (3 comments)
30 June 2006:
Twenty mp3s of Great Songs from 1901-1920 — In which I share some great songs from before the Age of Jazz. (65 comments)
20 June 2006:
An Introduction to Classic Films — In which Kris creates a guide to classic film. (13 comments)
26 May 2006:
Further Tales from Rosings Park — In which I describe a typical spring day at Rosings Park. (8 comments)
22 May 2006:
Graphic Novels for People Who Hate Comics — In which I compile a list of graphic novels that average people might enjoy. (48 comments)
19 April 2006:
Sesame Street Video Clips — In which I spend several hours collecting Sesame Street video clips to share with you. (674 comments)
14 March 2006:
Chore Cloud: One Difference Between Men and Women — In which I hypothesize that women operate with a list of chores, and that men operate with a chore cloud. (11 comments)
07 March 2006:
Death by Chocolate (Home-Brewed Chantico) — In which I make my first batch of chantico and drink too much of the stuff. (3 comments)
28 September 2005:
The Good Stuff — In which I share information about companies that produce high-quality good: clothing, furniture, paper products, and more. Only the best. (4 comments)
02 June 2005:
Essential Macintosh Software — In which I enumerate the best applications currently available for the Mac. (4 comments)
23 May 2005:
Getting Things Done — In which I read and comment on David Allen's popular book on organization, Getting Things Done. (9 comments)
26 April 2005:
Get Rich Slowly! — In which I read and summarize several financial self-help books. (44 comments)
06 April 2005:
Tuesday is Sno-Ball Day — In which I love Hostess Sno-Balls. (0 comments)
17 March 2005:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert, 2005 Edition) — In which I travel to Eugene to see The Decemberists with Paul and Susan. (0 comments)
30 January 2005:
Peanut Battle — In which the birds fight for food in our yard. (0 comments)
23 January 2005:
Tangerine Dreams and Marshmallow Skies — In which I'm the dude, man — you've got the wrong guy. (0 comments)
21 December 2004:
Man vs. Skunk: A Photo-Essay — In which I brave the nether regions of the trailer house in order to retrieve a dead skunk. Foul beast! (3 comments)
19 December 2004:
Our Wild Kingdom — In which Rosings Park is home to birds and squirrels and cats, even in the middle of winter.
21 October 2004:
Chilly — In which my inner core is cold.
10 June 2004:
Action Girl's Guide to Living — In which I share secrets to living a happy, productive life. (1 comments)
16 April 2004:
Geek Squad — In which I grew up a geek (especially in junior high). (0 comments)
22 March 2004:
Ants of Mystery — In which the ants are not only invading our house, but they're also invading our shrubbery! (0 comments)
13 March 2004:
My Husband, the Chef — In which describes the terrible ordeal of the Texas Sheetcake. (0 comments)
11 March 2004:
On the Malleability of Time — In which I meditate on the strange ebbs and flows of time, it's strange ability to elongate and contract to fit our mental state.
07 February 2004:
Stop! I Will Tell You What to Do — In which Kris isn't bossy — she just likes to tell me what to do. (0 comments)
24 January 2004:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert) — In which I accompany Paul and Tom to see The Decemberists perform. In which Paul has trouble remembering the name of a former girlfriend.
23 January 2004:
When the bullet hits the bone! — In which I find your lack of faith disturbing. (0 comments)
08 September 2003:
Everything Here Is True — In which I discuss the difference between truth and Truth, between fact and fiction, especially as it relates to weblogs.
26 July 2003:
Roadside Weeds of Canby, Oregon — In which I describe, in words and photographs, the common weeds around my home. (0 comments)
04 July 2003:
Independence Day — In which I remember the end of my father's life. (0 comments)
07 March 2003:
Best Clam Chowder Ever — In which I share the recipe for my famous clam chowder, a chowder I like better than any other I've tried. (5 comments)
20 December 2002:
Peter Jackson's Helm's Deep — In which I think Peter Jackson's Helm's Deep is overrated. (43 comments)
22 March 2002:
U2: A Love Story — In which I loved U2. (Loved, not love.) (0 comments)
11 January 2002:
Who Owns the Memories? — In which I contemplate what should and should not be shared in a public weblog.