Archive of FS Important Entries


27 May 2007:
The Indispensable Comic Strip Reprint Library — In which I list the best of the ongoing comic strip reprint projects. (5 comments)
21 May 2007:
Barack Obama and Ron Paul — In which I speak about politics (which is a rarity for me). (67 comments)
18 April 2007:
101 Things in 1001 Days — In which I set goals for the next three years. (19 comments)
20 February 2007:
Writing for Money: The New Way and the Old — In which I have earned as much from writing as from making boxes over the past week. (1 comments)
26 April 2006:
Entrepreneurial — In which my father was an entrepreneur, and I intend to become one. (22 comments)
15 April 2005:
Moderation in Nothing — In which I face my addiction to World of Warcraft and decide to give up the game cold turkey. (1 comments)
11 November 2004:
The Man I Want To Be — In which I contemplate the direction of my life and debate whether or not I ought to alter course.
20 October 2004:
Unwelcome Visitors — In which I compose an ode to the skunk who lives under my office.
10 July 2004:
Insulated — In which our insulation contractors really botch the job. Again. And again. And again. (The repurcussions of this ineptitude will still be felt TWO years later.) (0 comments)
10 June 2004:
Action Girl's Guide to Living — In which I share secrets to living a happy, productive life. (1 comments)
08 May 2004:
Interpreter of Dreams — In which we buy our dream house. (0 comments)
07 May 2004:
4027044 — In which sometimes you don't know what you're looking for -- or even that you're looking -- until the object of your desire appears unexpectedly before you. (0 comments)
19 April 2004:
How Did We Get Here? — In which I share the notes and research I made on 9/11 and the days following, and I try to explain how these things occurred. A great discussion ensues. (0 comments)
16 April 2004:
Geek Squad — In which I grew up a geek (especially in junior high). (0 comments)
28 February 2004:
Founding Brothers — In which the book Founding Brothers gives me some insight into the nature of our two-party political system.
25 November 2003:
The Family Business — In which working in a family business has its ups and downs.
08 September 2003:
Everything Here Is True — In which I discuss the difference between truth and Truth, between fact and fiction, especially as it relates to weblogs.
05 June 2003:
Physical Therapy — In which I attend my first post-knee surgery physical therapy appointment. (0 comments)
24 April 2003:
Social Personality — In which reading Proust inspires a meditation on the nature of personality, both as perceived by ourselves and by others.
06 April 2003:
Sunday Painful Sunday — In which an asshole kicks a dog. In which my knee is not better. In which I love a comic book store. (0 comments)
27 November 2002:
Revelations — In which my spiritual journey leads me to become an atheist. (0 comments)
26 November 2002:
Exodus — In which I continue the history of my spiritual journey. In which I the beliefs of my childhood are challenged by higher education. (2 comments)
25 November 2002:
Genesis — In which I describe the origin of my spiritual beliefs. (0 comments)
10 November 2002:
Stupid is as Stupid Does — In which I do a very stupid thing and play soccer on my injured knee.
05 November 2002:
Better Living Through Wireless — In which I hurt my knee playing soccer and have to come out of the game. In which I marvel at the power of wireless internet. (0 comments)
04 September 2002:
adhesive capsulitis — In which my shoulder pain is diagnosed as adhesive capsulitis. (180 comments)
24 January 2002:
Best Hearts Game Ever — In which Kris, Mac, Pam, and I play a marathon game of Hearts and have a blast! (Those were the days.) (0 comments)
11 January 2002:
Who Owns the Memories? — In which I contemplate what should and should not be shared in a public weblog.
25 May 2001:
Tintin is Dying — In which The Best Cat Ever hasn't long to live, and that breaks my heart. (0 comments)