Archive of Fun Entries


11 July 2007:
Whose Line? — In which I share some favorite clips from Whose Line? (2 comments)
22 June 2007:
How to Earn a Six-Figure Income from Blogging — In which I share tips for making money online. (1 comments)
22 May 2007:
Contest: The Cowgirls of Trace Evidence — In which Mike Banks suggests a photo caption contest. In which I think that's a great idea. (12 comments)
03 May 2007:
Video Clips of the 1920s — In which I share some video clips documenting life during the 1920s. (5 comments)
26 April 2007:
A Crime Lab in the Trunk — In which Batman has a crime lab in the trunk. (3 comments)
11 April 2007:
Oregon History: The Exploding Whale — In which I share a video clip of the infamous exploding whale. (2 comments)
30 March 2007:
Space Mountain — In which I overcome my fear and learn to love Space Mountain. (5 comments)
29 March 2007:
IPR: Irrational Public Radio — In which I post a parody of National Public Radio. (4 comments)
15 February 2007:
Tales of the Chicken, Video Edition — In which I share video of our feral chicken. (6 comments)
29 January 2007:
Cat vs. Kid: The Showdown — In which I share a video that perfectly encapsulates the foldedspace philosophy. (3 comments)
26 January 2007:
Celine Dion Sings AC/DC — In which Celine shakes you all night long. (11 comments)
16 January 2007:
Star Wars Trailer — The original trailer for Star Wars. (4 comments)
02 January 2007:
Back to the Future — In which Kris loves the VCR. In which I love the Wii. (1 comments)
20 November 2006:
Nintendo Wii: First Impressions — In which I rave about the Nintendo Wii. (5 comments)
29 September 2006:
Crocodile Hunter Jokes — In which I desecrate Steve Irwin's memory... (5 comments)
19 April 2006:
Sesame Street Video Clips — In which I spend several hours collecting Sesame Street video clips to share with you. (674 comments)
12 April 2006:
Mechanix Illustrated - March 1939 — In which I share scans from a 67-year-old magazine. (3 comments)
28 March 2006:
Impasse with Vegetable Juice — In which I cannot drink a V8. (17 comments)
12 March 2006:
Notebook Fetish — In which I have a large collection of notebooks. (6 comments)
28 February 2006:
Ladybugs II: Electric Boogaloo — In which our home is still infested by ladybugs. I guess it's better than being infested by ants. (12 comments)
16 February 2006:
Kentucky Fried Kitten — In which I propose a novel new concept in fast food. (26 comments)
10 February 2006:
Winter Olympics 2006 — In which the Winter Olympics begin, and I plan to track them with my alternative medals chart once again. (4 comments)
26 December 2005:
New Games — In which I play Shadows over Camelot and Ticket to Ride with Andrew and Dave. (2 comments)
24 December 2005:
Christmas MP3s From Santa — In which Santa Claus shares some of his favorite Christmas mp3s. Santa is so hip. (4 comments)
28 November 2005:
Darth Vader vs. a Herd of Goats — In which the Dark Lord of the Sith uses his force powers to put down an uprising of ungulates. (5 comments)
27 November 2005:
Hot Cocoa and Toast — In which nothing is finer on a cold November Sunday than hot cocoa and toast (unless, of course, that hot cocoa is spilled all over the counter.) (8 comments)
25 November 2005:
Mashed Potatoes with Ketchup — In which I eat the breakfast of champions. (3 comments)
13 September 2005:
Sudoku! — In which I discover a new pencil game that is both easy and fun. (10 comments)
18 May 2005:
Too Much Cat — In which I share a horde of cat pictures, videos, games, and stories, all collected from other sites. (7 comments)
26 October 2004:
Only Joking — In which I tell some of my favorite jokes, and you tell some of yours.
23 January 2004:
When the bullet hits the bone! — In which I find your lack of faith disturbing. (0 comments)
05 February 2003:
Mini Bagel Dogs — In which everyone at Custom Box Service loves min bagel dogs! (17 comments)
10 January 2003:
I Hurt Myself Laughing — In which I share a photo of a shaved cat. (1 comments)
20 November 2002:
Chamber of Secrets Photos — In which a group of us dresses in costume to see the premier of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (0 comments)
07 May 2002:
Scrabble — In which all of Custom Box Service is hooked on Scrabout, a Scrabble clone. (8 comments)
24 January 2002:
Best Hearts Game Ever — In which Kris, Mac, Pam, and I play a marathon game of Hearts and have a blast! (Those were the days.) (0 comments)