Archive of Geekiness Entries


23 August 2007:
The Trouble with Time Travel — In which I point out time travel's fatal flaw. (13 comments)
09 July 2007:
World of Warcraft on an iPhone — In which geekdom reaches new heights. (1 comments)
25 June 2007:
Lost Post — In which I lose an important post to a computer crash. I which I have a new digital camera with video ability. (7 comments)
10 May 2007:
U Has Sheep for Wheat? — In which I think an image from LOLTrek is hilarious. (11 comments)
18 April 2007:
101 Things in 1001 Days — In which I set goals for the next three years. (19 comments)
22 March 2007:
25 Minutes — In which I race from home to work, attempting to set a personal best. (9 comments)
14 March 2007:
Amazing Video of the Moon Transiting the Sun — In which I share a gorgeous stereoscopic video of the moon crossing in front of the sun. (0 comments)
07 March 2007:
Safari: A Love/Hate Relationship — In which I can't live with Safari, but I can't live without it. (12 comments)
11 February 2007:
On Animals and Ego — In which Sparky and I have an interesting philosophical discussion. (3 comments)
06 February 2007:
Subscriber Counts for All My Sites — In which I share my current subscription counts. (6 comments)
01 February 2007:
Cannonballs and Splinters — In which I share information about cannonballs and the deadly splinters they produced. (3 comments)
27 January 2007:
HTML That Makes Me Proud — In which I ponder the best sites and pages that I've created. (0 comments)
25 January 2007:
Late Adopter — In which I discover IM and LinkedIn. (3 comments)
17 January 2007:
17" MacBook Pro: Six-Week Review — In which I like my new laptop, but I do not love it. (8 comments)
16 January 2007:
Star Wars Trailer — The original trailer for Star Wars. (4 comments)
08 January 2007:
Can I Get an iPhone? — In which I am dying to hear Steve Jobs' keynote address... (6 comments)
13 December 2006:
Videochat — In which Hank and I have a videochat. (2 comments)
01 December 2006:
I Love My MacBook Pro — In which I rave about my MacBook Pro. (3 comments)
28 November 2006:
The Long and Winding Road — In which I wait and wait and wait and wait for my new computer to ship from Apple. (4 comments)
18 November 2006:
Firefox 2: Geek Heaven — In which Firefox 2 saves my bacon. (1 comments)
05 November 2006:
The Cutting Edge — In which I rave about Macs and the varieties of Mac users. (4 comments)
14 September 2006:
On the Proper Use of 'Me' and 'I' — In which I rant and rave about improper grammar. (103 comments)
08 September 2006:
40 Classic Sci-Fi Intros — In which I rummage up some favorite openings to sci-fi TV shows. (5 comments)
26 July 2006:
Help Me Name Weblog #7 — In which I am certifiably insane. (13 comments)
25 July 2006:
In Search of Mr. Misty — In which my craving for a Mr. Misty if thwarted at every turn. (4 comments)
04 May 2006:
Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy Coming to DVD — In which some news makes me both happy and and angry. (10 comments)
12 March 2006:
Notebook Fetish — In which I have a large collection of notebooks. (6 comments)
10 February 2006:
Winter Olympics 2006 — In which the Winter Olympics begin, and I plan to track them with my alternative medals chart once again. (4 comments)
16 December 2005:
Letters from Thousand Needles — In which Venatoro writes home to his father, describing his adventures in Azeroth. (10 comments)
26 October 2005:
The Dewey Dumbcimal System — In which I attempt (and fail) to organize my nonfiction library according to the Dewey Decimal system. (7 comments)
19 August 2005:
Centigrade — In which I am learning to think in metric.
02 June 2005:
Essential Macintosh Software — In which I enumerate the best applications currently available for the Mac. (4 comments)
15 April 2005:
Moderation in Nothing — In which I face my addiction to World of Warcraft and decide to give up the game cold turkey. (1 comments)
13 March 2005:
Gadgets — In which I play with my iMic (recording birdsong) and my Nikon d70 (photographing cats). (0 comments)
21 February 2005:
Garden Science — In which I put my astronomy education to use calculating the eventual sunlight coverage of our garden. (0 comments)
07 February 2005:
Sidetracked — In which I move all of my books from upstairs to downstairs. (0 comments)
28 January 2005:
The Power of the Internet — In which the internet is powerful in many ways, but I like it because it can help me track down a song I like in a television commercial. (2 comments)
11 January 2005:
Battlestar Galactica — In which I encourage my readers to watch the new Battlestar Galactica television show.
03 December 2004:
World of Warcraft — In which I review — actually 'rave about' would be more apt — the new game World of Warcraft. It's awesome. (1 comments)
03 November 2004:
unWired — In which we attend a very Liberal election party, but I feel lost because I do not have a wireless internet connection with which to follow the results. In which I ponder the 36-year cycle of divisive Presidential elections.
29 April 2004:
Super Powers — In which we discuss our favorite superheroes and try to decide which super powers we'd like to have. (1 comments)
14 March 2004:
Host Hunt — In which I research web hosts in preparation to moving foldedspace. (0 comments)
18 January 2004:
Only I Have the Power to Absorb All Data — In which my new Powermac G5 is gradually absorbing all of my existing data: music, photos, documents, etc. (0 comments)
27 July 2003:
J.D. in Slumberland — In which I read Little Nemo in Slumberland, a comic strip from the early 1900s, and it gives me nightmares.
07 May 2003:
Videophone — In which Mac and Joel and I are helping Debbie do market research on videophones. (1 comments)
08 December 2002:
Canon LiDE 30 — In which I purchase a new scanner and use it to import some favorite photos.
05 November 2002:
Better Living Through Wireless — In which I hurt my knee playing soccer and have to come out of the game. In which I marvel at the power of wireless internet. (0 comments)
12 July 2002:
WinHell — In which I hate working with computers. (0 comments)
21 May 2002:
Star Wars Generation — In which I remember how important Star Wars was to me in my youth.
24 January 2002:
Best Hearts Game Ever — In which Kris, Mac, Pam, and I play a marathon game of Hearts and have a blast! (Those were the days.) (0 comments)
20 April 2001:
Virtual Baseball League — In which I get all obsessive about a trade I made in my computer baseball simulation league. (0 comments)