Archive of HOWTO Entries


14 April 2006:
Dietary Resource Page — In which Kris and I begin a diet together, and I share what I know about nutrition. (5 comments)
28 September 2005:
The Good Stuff — In which I share information about companies that produce high-quality good: clothing, furniture, paper products, and more. Only the best. (4 comments)
08 September 2005:
A Brief Guide to Better Sleep — In which I share what I've learned about sleep over the past few months: how to get better sleep, and how to get more of it. (3 comments)
02 June 2005:
Essential Macintosh Software — In which I enumerate the best applications currently available for the Mac. (4 comments)
23 May 2005:
Getting Things Done — In which I read and comment on David Allen's popular book on organization, Getting Things Done. (9 comments)
26 April 2005:
Get Rich Slowly! — In which I read and summarize several financial self-help books. (44 comments)
10 June 2004:
Action Girl's Guide to Living — In which I share secrets to living a happy, productive life. (1 comments)
04 June 2004:
Cellular — In which I give up and give in: I'm getting a cell phone. (0 comments)
26 July 2003:
Roadside Weeds of Canby, Oregon — In which I describe, in words and photographs, the common weeds around my home. (0 comments)
03 December 2002:
Best Gingerbread Cookies Ever — In which I share Jenn's recipe for the best gingerbread cookies ever. (4 comments)