Archive of Introspection Entries


31 May 2007:
The Early Bird — In which I rise at 4 a.m. to excercise and write. (2 comments)
30 May 2007:
101 Goals: May 2007 Update — In which I am making progress on my list of goals. (4 comments)
06 May 2007:
Fitness Today — In which I intend to begin a fitness regimen. (6 comments)
25 April 2007:
The Ideal Schedule — In which I practice my ideal schedule. In which it works. (3 comments)
18 April 2007:
101 Things in 1001 Days — In which I set goals for the next three years. (19 comments)
04 April 2007:
Hidden from Myself — In which I manage to hide something from myself. (3 comments)
23 February 2007:
Smart Kids — In which I meditate on what it was like to be a smart kid, and how that has affected who I am today. (It's not entirely good.) (9 comments)
02 February 2007:
Suicide Bomb — In which I crash and burn on live radio. (5 comments)
12 January 2007:
Breaking Internet Addiction — In which I find a simple way to sever my ties to the net. (6 comments)
11 November 2006:
Wellness Coach — Get Rich Slowly has afforded me some unexpected opportunities. Among the most exciting of these is the chance to work with a "wellness coach". Lauren Muney, who runs Physical Mind, contacted me after a recent GRS entry in which I... (7 comments)
09 November 2006:
The Little Death — In which I am sick. In which I worry too much. (8 comments)
09 October 2006:
Almost Home — In which the October sun brings memories of childhood. (1 comments)
12 September 2006:
The Last Day of Summer — In which the warm weather is almost gone. (2 comments)
18 May 2006:
Coming Up Roses — In which everything's going my way. (4 comments)
26 April 2006:
Entrepreneurial — In which my father was an entrepreneur, and I intend to become one. (22 comments)
10 March 2006:
Irrational Compulsions — In which I list some of the strange things I am compelled to do. (9 comments)
27 February 2006:
Small Meals — In which I wax rhapsodic over a corned beef sandwich. (2 comments)
09 February 2006:
Good Night, and Good Luck. — In which the film Good Night, and Good Luck. leads me to ponder about politics and world events and my policy of burying my head in the sand. (12 comments)
04 January 2006:
In Praise of St. John's Wort — In which I begin taking St. John's Wort again and am pleased to report that I am no longer depressed. (6 comments)
22 December 2005:
Words My Father Taught Me — In which I remember some of my father's favorite phrases. (8 comments)
07 November 2005:
Voluntary Addiction — In which a return to one of my former addictions (World of Warcraft) leads me to meditate on the nature of addiction. (12 comments)
25 October 2005:
In Praise of Autumn — In which I reminisce about autumns past. (2 comments)
24 October 2005:
Distracted — In which I bemoan the fact that I am easily distracted, especially by 'wide distractions' such as the internet. Is there hope for me? (2 comments)
19 October 2005:
Rosemary Verde — In which I share a recipe for a rosemary-flavored cocktail from Ciao Vito. In which I have confidence in myself. (3 comments)
18 October 2005:
Anger Management — In which I share an anger-assessment tool from the book Feeling Good. (8 comments)
18 July 2005:
Personality Types — In which I disucss the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. (1 comments)
15 April 2005:
Moderation in Nothing — In which I face my addiction to World of Warcraft and decide to give up the game cold turkey. (1 comments)
15 March 2005:
Unfunny — In which I haven't been funny lately and vow to do better. As a start, I share some funny anecdotes. (0 comments)
25 November 2004:
Happy Thanksgiving — In which I am thankful for Thanksgiving.
11 November 2004:
The Man I Want To Be — In which I contemplate the direction of my life and debate whether or not I ought to alter course.
10 November 2004:
Story Problems — In which I am feeling a little overwhelmed by life, and I have the numbers to prove it.
09 November 2004:
Robbed! — In which my mind plays tricks on me.
20 March 2004:
Self-Definition — In which I wonder what makes us who we are: Are we defined by the work we do? By the hobbies we keep? By our personalities? (0 comments)
11 March 2004:
On the Malleability of Time — In which I meditate on the strange ebbs and flows of time, it's strange ability to elongate and contract to fit our mental state.
04 February 2004:
Child Development — In which I wonder: when is it appropriate for children to learn about racism? Other religions? Sex? When can they safely watch gunplay and fisticuffs on television? Also: I've a renewed interest in Greek mythology. (0 comments)
20 May 2003:
Twenty-Two Year Reflection — In which I remember my father and how enraptured he was by a particular song. In which I begin to see something of him in myself.
13 May 2003:
Extrovert — In which I make a transition from introvert to extrovert.
24 April 2003:
Social Personality — In which reading Proust inspires a meditation on the nature of personality, both as perceived by ourselves and by others.
19 December 2002:
Tradition — In which I long to return to church, not to worship a god, but to spend time with family and friends. (1 comments)
05 February 2002:
Creative and Analytical — In which I engage in some self-reflection. (This is one of my brother Tony's most-hated foldedspace entries.) (4 comments)
11 January 2002:
Who Owns the Memories? — In which I contemplate what should and should not be shared in a public weblog.
04 May 2001:
Hypochondriac — In which sometimes I worry that I might be a hypochondriac. (0 comments)