Archive of Kids Entries


23 February 2007:
Smart Kids — In which I meditate on what it was like to be a smart kid, and how that has affected who I am today. (It's not entirely good.) (9 comments)
21 February 2007:
Music for Nine-Year-Olds — In which I attempt to make a mix CD for a 9-year-old girl. (11 comments)
19 February 2007:
Liam Mackenzie! — In which Mac and Pam welcome a son into the world. (1 comments)
05 February 2007:
A Salty Snack — In which I send a collection of salts to my little friend, Kaden. (2 comments)
29 January 2007:
Cat vs. Kid: The Showdown — In which I share a video that perfectly encapsulates the foldedspace philosophy. (3 comments)
12 July 2006:
My First Book — In which I remember the first books I ever read. (7 comments)
06 April 2006:
A Rock, An Island — In which a conversation with Harrison makes me very sad. (5 comments)
17 December 2005:
The Book of Books — In which Scout and Hank help me write a book. (0 comments)
29 October 2005:
Bumper Bowling — In which we go bowling with the Gingeriches and their kids. (2 comments)
21 May 2004:
My Little Pony — In which I play with Emma's ponies. In which I continue to teach Harrison about comic books.
28 April 2004:
Kind of Blue — In which a conversation with kids -- Harrison and Emma -- helps turn a blue day into a good one. (0 comments)
12 March 2004:
The Best Uncle Ever — In which I am the best uncle ever. (0 comments)
04 February 2004:
Child Development — In which I wonder: when is it appropriate for children to learn about racism? Other religions? Sex? When can they safely watch gunplay and fisticuffs on television? Also: I've a renewed interest in Greek mythology. (0 comments)
10 September 2003:
Old Friends — In which I am neglecting my physical therapy. In which I remember Simon and Garfunkel. (0 comments)