Archive of Movies Entries


16 May 2007:
Best Picture — In which Kris and I both love the film Little Children. (0 comments)
24 April 2007:
Harry Potter Trailers (including Order of the Phoenix!) — In which I collect a bunch of Harry Potter trailers. (2 comments)
25 March 2007:
The Golden Compass 'Sizzle' Reel — In which I share a trailer for The Golden Compass. (2 comments)
19 March 2007:
THX-1138: A Future Without Hope — In which I love THX-1138. (7 comments)
13 March 2007:
Rating the Bond Films: The Brosnan Era — In which I rate the last seven Bond films. (2 comments)
31 January 2007:
Rating the Bond Films: The Moore Era — In which I rate all of the Roger Moore-era James Bond films. (7 comments)
16 January 2007:
Star Wars Trailer — The original trailer for Star Wars. (4 comments)
05 January 2007:
Movie Preview: The Golden Compass — In which I share stills from the upcoming film, The Golden Compass. (22 comments)
29 December 2006:
Rating the Bond Films: The Connery Era — In which I watch and review every Sean Connery Bond film. (2 comments)
26 December 2006:
Dreamgirls — In which I review the movie Dreamgirls. (3 comments)
19 July 2006:
Why We Fight — In which Kris and I watch the film Why We Fight, which reminds me of The Fog of War. (4 comments)
20 June 2006:
An Introduction to Classic Films — In which Kris creates a guide to classic film. (13 comments)
25 May 2006:
The Da Vinci Crud — In which I love Anthony Lane's review of The Da Vinci Code. (15 comments)
04 May 2006:
Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy Coming to DVD — In which some news makes me both happy and and angry. (10 comments)
04 April 2006:
Walk the Line — In which I like Johnny Cash. (2 comments)
01 April 2006:
North Country — In which I believe the film North Country does more to harm the cause of women than to help it. (8 comments)
29 March 2006:
The Squid & The Whale — In which I rave about the film The Squid & The Whale. (6 comments)
22 February 2006:
A State of Mind — In which we watch A State of Mind, a documentary about North Korea's Mass Games. (7 comments)
14 February 2006:
Grizzly Man — In which the film Grizzly Man causes me to reflect upon nature and our relationship to it. (8 comments)
09 February 2006:
Good Night, and Good Luck. — In which the film Good Night, and Good Luck. leads me to ponder about politics and world events and my policy of burying my head in the sand. (12 comments)
23 January 2006:
Brokeback Mountain — In which we see Brokeback Mountain, which is good, but not as good as the story upon which it is based. (5 comments)
08 January 2006:
Capote — In which I could be keener on the film Capote, a film in need of a better script. (9 comments)
19 December 2005:
King Kong, American Idiot — In which the new King Kong film is awful, but the remix of Green Day's American Idiot is not. (3 comments)
16 November 2005:
Overrated — In which I feel The Sting is an overrated movie. (3 comments)
27 October 2005:
Serenity — In which I review the recent science fiction film, Serenity. I liked it but thought it flawed. (6 comments)
16 October 2005:
Forty-Four Ounces — In which I drink too much cocoa, drink too much diet soda, and eat too much re-heated Chinese food so that I am unable to fall asleep. (6 comments)
15 July 2005:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — In which I meet some other Oregon webloggers. In which I see (and enjoy) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (0 comments)
14 June 2005:
Movies Better Than the Books That Inspired Them — In which my readers and I brainstorm for movies better than the books that inspired them. We don't always agree. (2 comments)
29 April 2005:
Why Star Wars Sucks — In which I complain about the last twenty years of Star Wars and explain why I feel the way I do. (34 comments)
05 June 2004:
Patronus — In which I share thoughts on the new Harry Potter film. In which we go to a garage sale at the house we will soon own. (0 comments)
11 January 2004:
Mystic River — In which I eat a cheese that tastes like shit. In which we see the film Mystic River.
19 December 2003:
Undigital — In which I rant about digital effects in film-making. They're overused!
08 November 2003:
The Greatest Science Fiction Films — In which I rave about the best science fiction films ever made. (And share some of my favorites that aren't particularly good.) (3 comments)
12 September 2003:
Netflix — In which I list and rate all the films we have watched via Netflix.
13 March 2003:
Comfort Films — In which I list the films that I return to time-and-again for solace. (0 comments)
20 December 2002:
Peter Jackson's Helm's Deep — In which I think Peter Jackson's Helm's Deep is overrated. (43 comments)
20 November 2002:
Chamber of Secrets Photos — In which a group of us dresses in costume to see the premier of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (0 comments)
07 November 2002:
The Mummy Returns — In which The Mummy Returns is so bad it's awful.
21 May 2002:
Star Wars Generation — In which I remember how important Star Wars was to me in my youth.
18 May 2002:
Attack of the Clones — In which Star Wars episode II: Attack of the Clones stinks to high heaven.
04 May 2002:
Spider-Man — In which Mac, Kris, and I go see the new Spider-Man film and it's better than I expect. (0 comments)
14 March 2002:
In the Bedroom — In which Kris and I enjoy a fine meal at the Veritable Quandary. In which we see In the Bedroom. In which it may snow on St. Patrick's Day. (0 comments)
19 April 2001:
Lord of the Thing — In which there's a Lord of the Rings movie in production, and I'm worried that it's not going to be very good. (0 comments)