Archive of Music Entries


07 June 2007:
Video Killed the Radio Star — In which I share several video versions of a song I like. (7 comments)
25 May 2007:
Concert Review: The Black Angels at The Doug Fir — In which I rave about The Black Angels, a band that can produce a wall of sound. (1 comments)
21 February 2007:
Music for Nine-Year-Olds — In which I attempt to make a mix CD for a 9-year-old girl. (11 comments)
04 December 2006:
O Holy Nightmare — In which I share a truly awful mp3. (13 comments)
05 October 2006:
The Crane Wife, Annotated — In which I post the lyrics to the latest Decemberists album. (1 comments)
30 June 2006:
Twenty mp3s of Great Songs from 1901-1920 — In which I share some great songs from before the Age of Jazz. (65 comments)
07 June 2006:
Download This Song — In which I post a short music rant bolstered by a YouTube video. (2 comments)
05 June 2006:
I *heart* Rick Springfield — In which I love Rick Springfield. (9 comments)
16 April 2006:
Madworld — In which New Wave music should not be used to sell coffee or crackers. (11 comments)
04 April 2006:
Walk the Line — In which I like Johnny Cash. (2 comments)
15 February 2006:
The Waters of March — In which the cold world makes me happy and a Brazilian song makes me happier. (5 comments)
19 December 2005:
King Kong, American Idiot — In which the new King Kong film is awful, but the remix of Green Day's American Idiot is not. (3 comments)
21 November 2005:
How to Listen to and Understand Great Music — In which I listen to college lectures on music history and discover that I love opera. (10 comments)
13 April 2005:
622 Music Videos — In which I stumble upon a treasure trove of music videos and link to my favorites. (10 comments)
17 March 2005:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert, 2005 Edition) — In which I travel to Eugene to see The Decemberists with Paul and Susan. (0 comments)
16 March 2005:
Blogiversary — In which I create a new music mix to celebrate this weblog's fourth anniversary, then promise to mail it to anyone who wants a copy but never do. I am such a flake. (0 comments)
29 December 2004:
Top Albums of the 1980s — In which I nominate the fifteen greatest albums from the 1980s. (0 comments)
05 February 2004:
Ebony and Ivory — In which my readers and I try to remember the first record albums we ever owned. In which I discuss the etymology of 'flotch'. (0 comments)
24 January 2004:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert) — In which I accompany Paul and Tom to see The Decemberists perform. In which Paul has trouble remembering the name of a former girlfriend.
15 December 2003:
Lux Magna Orta Est — In which I accompany Dave and Karen to Baroque Christmas music at Trinity Episcopal Church.
07 October 2003:
Best Songs of the 80s — In which I name my favorite songs from the 1980s, then try to name which songs are actually 'best'.
10 September 2003:
Old Friends — In which I am neglecting my physical therapy. In which I remember Simon and Garfunkel. (0 comments)
19 June 2003:
Please Please Please — In which I like The Smiths better when it's not The Smiths. (1 comments)
03 June 2003:
Sexy Songs — In which I list some sexy songs and ask my readers to do the same. (80 comments)
12 May 2003:
Asia — In which before my love affair with U2, I had a fling with Asia. (0 comments)
09 May 2003:
Mix Tapes — In which I remember the mix tapes I used to make in high school, and give track lists for the best ones. (3 comments)
29 April 2003:
The iTunes Music Store — In which I spend $18.81 at the new iTunes Music Store. Could this be the future of music? (Three years later on: the answer is a resounding YES!) (0 comments)
25 April 2003:
Loverboy — In which I have a soft spot for the group Loverboy. (0 comments)
03 February 2003:
Iris — In which we join Joel and Aimee for an Iris Dement concert. (0 comments)
22 March 2002:
U2: A Love Story — In which I loved U2. (Loved, not love.) (0 comments)
28 February 2002:
Meteorological Spring — In which meteorological spring has arrived. In which I share a list of favorite a capella songs. (2 comments)