Archive of Odds and Ends Entries


03 June 2007:
Hemorrhoid Remedy — In which Kris' mother shares a family recipe. It's not safe for metal spoons. (3 comments)
27 April 2007:
The Future, Today — In which I contemplate the future of civilization. (7 comments)
09 February 2007:
Web 2.0 Defined — In which I share a video that defines web 2.0. In which I share other random thoughts. (4 comments)
07 February 2007:
Scattered Thoughts on Intelligence — In which I meditate on the nature of intelligence. (7 comments)
01 February 2007:
Cannonballs and Splinters — In which I share information about cannonballs and the deadly splinters they produced. (3 comments)
20 December 2006:
Ho Ho Ho! — In which Santa is very, very busy. (1 comments)
18 December 2006:
A Lot Like Christmas — In which I share a life update. (7 comments)
05 December 2006:
The Decemberists and Stupid Pet Tricks — In which I share videos of The Decemberists and of stupid animals. (1 comments)
31 October 2006:
The One-Hundred Mittens Project — In which Amy Jo is knitting one hundred mittens and needs your help. (131 comments)
15 October 2006:
God Hates Blogs — In which God hates blogs. (5 comments)
12 October 2006:
The Carrion Drive — In which I recount the dead animals I have seen on the side of the road. (3 comments)
19 September 2006:
Blog Speculation for Fun and Profit — In which I speculate about blog speculation. (4 comments)
04 September 2006:
RIP Crocodile Hunter — In which I am saddened by the death of Steve Irwin. (4 comments)
29 August 2006:
A Girl Named Wayne — In which spammers are dumb. (7 comments)
06 August 2006:
Revolutionary — In which I share three important anniversaries. (0 comments)
02 August 2006:
Not Writing — In which I have a lot to write about, but neither the time nor the motivation to do so.
06 July 2006:
I cant Spel — In which my communication skills leave something to be desired. (7 comments)
04 July 2006:
Italy 2, Germany 0 — In which I watch a fantastic World Cup match. (1 comments)
09 June 2006:
In Dreams — In which I dream that Jeremy and the kids are swallowed by a crocodile. (3 comments)
03 June 2006:
A Little Digg — In which Get Rich Slowly gets attention from Digg, but not in a good way. (15 comments)
13 May 2006:
Chocolate Cake for Breakfast — In which I have a delicious, nutritious breakfast. (2 comments)
07 April 2006:
Adult Onset ADD — In which I am addicted to the internet. (3 comments)
30 March 2006:
Price Increase — In which I muse over one perplexing aspect of owning a small business. (3 comments)
24 March 2006:
Here Comes the Sun — In which I praise the coming of spring. (2 comments)
23 March 2006:
People Are People — In which I am male, white, straight, and wealthy, but despised because I do not believe in a god. (12 comments)
18 March 2006:
Groggy Saturday Morning — In which I share my plans for the weekend. (2 comments)
14 March 2006:
Chore Cloud: One Difference Between Men and Women — In which I hypothesize that women operate with a list of chores, and that men operate with a chore cloud. (11 comments)
02 March 2006:
Birthday Dilemma — In which I want to throw myself a birthday party, but I can't decide what kind. (4 comments)
23 February 2006:
My eBay Method — In which I discuss my recent eBay selling frenzy. (7 comments)
07 February 2006:
Four Things — In which I respond to an internet meme, listing four favorite things in various categories. (4 comments)
02 February 2006:
Mission Accomplished — In which my week-long vacation was productive and fun. I got a lot done and I feel great! (3 comments)
27 January 2006:
Goal-Oriented — In which I plan to take several days off from work in order to get stuff done around the house, including some chores that have remained unfinished for months! (10 comments)
22 January 2006:
Super Bowl Bound — In which the Seattle Seahawks earn a berth in the Super Bowl. (7 comments)
06 January 2006:
Venti Mud — In which the power goes out; in which I try a venti hot chocolate but think it tastes like mud. (8 comments)
03 January 2006:
Buy Low, Sell High — In which I finally return to the world of investing. (6 comments)
23 December 2005:
Two Types of Christmas — In which I elaborate on the differences between Roths and Gates at Christmas. (7 comments)
15 December 2005:
Ice King — In which I am really very cold. (7 comments)
07 December 2005:
Behind the Silence — In which I explain the recent lack of activity on this weblog. (8 comments)
18 July 2005:
Personality Types — In which I disucss the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. (1 comments)
27 June 2005:
Be Careful What You Wish For... — Various meditations on summer, family, and addiction. (0 comments)
20 April 2005:
Observed — In which I make observations about sleep, finances, and self-fulfillment. (0 comments)
14 March 2005:
Neighbors and Dreamtime — In which I describe the people we've met in our new neighborhood. In which I have a strange dream. (0 comments)
23 January 2005:
Tangerine Dreams and Marshmallow Skies — In which I'm the dude, man — you've got the wrong guy. (0 comments)
28 December 2004:
Good Poems — In which I share some of my favorite poems. (11 comments)
30 October 2004:
The Velvet Ribbon — In which I share the mp3 for The Velvet Ribbon, one of my favorite spooky stories. Happy Halloween! (11 comments)
20 April 2004:
Snopes — In which I discuss urban legends. (0 comments)
23 March 2004:
Brinkmann ProSeries 2200 — In which I buy a new grill. In which I redesign this site. (0 comments)
23 January 2004:
When the bullet hits the bone! — In which I find your lack of faith disturbing. (0 comments)
10 July 2003:
On the Naming of Things — In which reading Proust causes me to meditate on the things for which I have no names. (0 comments)
14 April 2003:
Where the Shadows Lie — In which I dream of Kristin and her family; in which I dream that I am a hobbit. (0 comments)
12 March 2003:
Milky Women — In which Tony brings me jerky. In which I have a chance encounter with a fellow photography student. In which is the top google match for the phrase 'milky women'. (0 comments)
18 January 2003:
What If? — In which I imagine a group weblog written with all my friends. In which Simon watches the neighbor dog? (0 comments)
03 January 2003:
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom — In which I remember watching Wild Kingdom. In which I share some brief comments on animal intelligence. (0 comments)
25 October 2002:
Friday Grab Bag — In which I share some random thoughts. (1 comments)
08 May 2002:
Cheese — In which I like cheese. (0 comments)
21 March 2002:
Non-Competitive Competition — In which I look for non-competitive games that Kris might like to play. (0 comments)
10 November 2001:
Rugby and Stephen King — In which I watch the same rugby match over-and-over. In which I read Stephen King.
22 March 2001:
Sam the Shih Tzu — In which a little dog chases my bike for half a mile. (0 comments)
16 March 2001:
First Post — In which I begin a weblog.