Archive of Personal History Entries


01 August 2007:
An Englishman in New York — In which I discuss our vacation in England and Ireland. In which I am tired. (7 comments)
14 July 2007:
Fly Like an Eagle — In which we're leaving for Europe. (1 comments)
13 June 2007:
Jarhead — In which Rhonda joins us for a trip to purchase canning jars. (7 comments)
05 June 2007:
Cat Time — In which I decide that Cat Time does not occur in the evening, but at 4 a.m. (3 comments)
01 June 2007:
I Learn Ping-Pong — In which I take table tennis lessons from my former soccer coach. (3 comments)
24 May 2007:
Ambrosia Pie, and Other Recipes from the 1940s — In which Kris shares some timeless family recipes. (6 comments)
20 February 2007:
Writing for Money: The New Way and the Old — In which I have earned as much from writing as from making boxes over the past week. (1 comments)
03 February 2007:
This Day Would Have Been Enough — In which I have a strange day, but it's all fulfilled by some time at the roller-skating rink. (8 comments)
02 February 2007:
Suicide Bomb — In which I crash and burn on live radio. (5 comments)
19 November 2006:
Old Historic Temple, Rising Grandly Through the Years — In which we attend a college reunion. (1 comments)
20 August 2006:
What I Did On My Summer Vacation — In which I share our adventures in Northern California. (11 comments)
31 July 2006:
July 31, 1945 — In which my Aunt Virginia remembers growing up with my father. (3 comments)
26 April 2006:
Entrepreneurial — In which my father was an entrepreneur, and I intend to become one. (22 comments)
13 April 2006:
Grandpa's Woods — In which I remember a favorite place to play from my childhood. (6 comments)
10 April 2006:
Space Man — In which I used to dream of living in space (and still do). (9 comments)
26 March 2006:
I Am So Many! — In which I turn thirty-seven, and throw a poetry party to celebrate. (6 comments)
22 December 2005:
Words My Father Taught Me — In which I remember some of my father's favorite phrases. (8 comments)
12 December 2005:
Now It Can Be Told — In which I relate the tale of Harrison's birth from the perspective of iniquitous men. (3 comments)
23 November 2005:
Ghost of Thanksgiving Past — In which I see my father, ten-years dead, alive and well in Costco. (4 comments)
17 November 2005:
The Great Book Purge — In which I purge a large portion of my library. In which we take possession of a new range. (10 comments)
21 October 2005:
Memories Are Like This — In which I remember what autumn evenings felt like as a child, especially the music. (1 comments)
08 July 2005:
Sleep Apnea — In which my sleep problems are officially revealed to be caused by sleep apnea. (2 comments)
17 January 2005:
Bill — In which I reminisce about a college rommate whom I have not heard from in many years.
30 April 2004:
I Remember the Train — In which I have fond childhood memories of trains, a mode of transportation that has all but disappeared. (0 comments)
16 April 2004:
Geek Squad — In which I grew up a geek (especially in junior high). (0 comments)
05 February 2004:
Ebony and Ivory — In which my readers and I try to remember the first record albums we ever owned. In which I discuss the etymology of 'flotch'. (0 comments)
03 February 2004:
Yakima 2004 — In which we spend a wonderful weekend in Yakima with the Gingerich family. (0 comments)
01 December 2003:
The Cinnamon Bear — In which I remember childhood Christmases, listening to the Cinnamon Bear on the radio. (50 comments)
22 November 2003:
Found Photo — In which I find a Roth family photograph during a trip to an antique store.
25 October 2003:
By Any Other Name... — In which I would smell as sweet. (0 comments)
04 July 2003:
Independence Day — In which I remember the end of my father's life. (0 comments)
19 June 2003:
Please Please Please — In which I like The Smiths better when it's not The Smiths. (1 comments)
17 June 2003:
The Big Tree — In which I remember the Big Tree, a gathering place for the neighborhood kids when I was a boy. (0 comments)
20 May 2003:
Twenty-Two Year Reflection — In which I remember my father and how enraptured he was by a particular song. In which I begin to see something of him in myself.
12 May 2003:
Asia — In which before my love affair with U2, I had a fling with Asia. (0 comments)
09 May 2003:
Mix Tapes — In which I remember the mix tapes I used to make in high school, and give track lists for the best ones. (3 comments)
30 April 2003:
MRI Results — In which my MRI reveals extensive damage to my knee. (0 comments)
20 March 2003:
Menagerie — In which I grew up around animals, and I list them all. (0 comments)
19 December 2002:
Tradition — In which I long to return to church, not to worship a god, but to spend time with family and friends. (1 comments)
27 November 2002:
Revelations — In which my spiritual journey leads me to become an atheist. (0 comments)
26 November 2002:
Exodus — In which I continue the history of my spiritual journey. In which I the beliefs of my childhood are challenged by higher education. (2 comments)
25 November 2002:
Genesis — In which I describe the origin of my spiritual beliefs. (0 comments)
10 November 2002:
Stupid is as Stupid Does — In which I do a very stupid thing and play soccer on my injured knee.
04 September 2002:
adhesive capsulitis — In which my shoulder pain is diagnosed as adhesive capsulitis. (180 comments)
21 May 2002:
Star Wars Generation — In which I remember how important Star Wars was to me in my youth.
22 March 2002:
U2: A Love Story — In which I loved U2. (Loved, not love.) (0 comments)
08 March 2002:
Running Bear — In which I remember my father and his guitar. (0 comments)
19 December 2001:
Bad Soup — In which three-week-old garlic-onion soup makes me sick sick sick on the day Fellowship of the Ring opens. (0 comments)