Archive of Photography Entries


25 June 2007:
Lost Post — In which I lose an important post to a computer crash. I which I have a new digital camera with video ability. (7 comments)
04 June 2007:
Dad! Let Me In! — In which Max is unhappy. (4 comments)
26 May 2007:
Busy as a Bzz-Bzz Bee — In which takes photos of bees at work in her flower garden. (6 comments)
28 March 2007:
A Cat Post — In which I share an update on my cats, as well as some photos... (5 comments)
01 November 2006:
A Letter to a Friend (from Simon) — In which Simon sends a letter to his friend, Nine, describing his lovely weekend. (3 comments)
28 April 2006:
Convalescing — In which I recover from my illness by sitting outside in the warm spring air. In which I share some photographs. (11 comments)
27 March 2006:
Wide-Angle Cats — In which I take more photos of my cats. (4 comments)
20 February 2006:
Rocky Mountain School of Photography — In which I attend a Rocky Mountain School of Photography photo weekend and learn about improving my craft. (6 comments)
10 November 2005:
Autumn at Rosings Park — In which Filber the Squirrel attempts to raid the birdfeeder. In which a flicker and a robin dispute ownership of the birdbath. In which Simon wishes he were outside. (3 comments)
15 October 2005:
Soccer for Six-Year-Olds — In which Kris drags me to Hank's soccer game and I enjoy it. (1 comments)
29 August 2005:
Moved In — In which I finally feel moved in (after being in the house for fifteen months!). In which I photograph bees. (0 comments)
13 March 2005:
Gadgets — In which I play with my iMic (recording birdsong) and my Nikon d70 (photographing cats). (0 comments)
01 March 2005:
Cat Pictures — In which I take photographs of my cats. Again. (0 comments)
30 January 2005:
Peanut Battle — In which the birds fight for food in our yard. (0 comments)
21 March 2004:
Sunny Sunday — In which spring is here and I take photographs. (0 comments)
04 May 2003:
Small — In which I reuse an old photograph; my tripod breaks and I use Warren's; we lurk in alleyways, snatching photographs; I research photographers' rights. (0 comments)
20 April 2003:
Water — In which I share a photo that I like but nobody else does, a photo of Silver Creek Falls. (0 comments)
14 March 2003:
A Wonderful World — In which I post the final project for my photography class, an iMovie set to Louis Armstrong's "A Wonderful World". (0 comments)
24 January 2003:
Patterns — In which I love my photography class.
17 January 2003:
Beyond the Basics — In which Mac convinces me to take a photography class with him.
08 December 2002:
Canon LiDE 30 — In which I purchase a new scanner and use it to import some favorite photos.