Archive of Portland Entries


07 August 2007:
In the Garden, and Trouble at Gino's — In which our trip to Europe has inspired me to make changes to our garden. In which we have a disappointing experience at Gino's. (2 comments)
26 October 2006:
More on the Milwaukie-Gladstone Trolley Trail — In which Kris and I attend a community meeting to learn more about the Trolley Trail. (0 comments)
28 September 2006:
Sungari — In which Kris, Tiffany, and I enjoy great Chinese food at Sungari. (0 comments)
22 August 2006:
The Milwaukie-Gladstone Trolley Trail — In which a chance encounter yields a wealth of information about the neighborhood. (5 comments)
29 June 2006:
Burglary Leads to Bizarre Kidnapping — In which I share an amusing story from the local paper. (7 comments)
09 March 2006:
White Surprise — In which it snows. (6 comments)
06 March 2006:
Food Day — In which we spend a marvelous day eating the best Portland has to offer. (4 comments)
20 January 2006:
State of Confusion — In which I take the long way home in order to help Kris fill in more of her mental map of Portland. (6 comments)
09 January 2006:
Wet Wet Wet — In which it is wet. (4 comments)
21 December 2005:
Be Careful What You Wish For — In which I complain about the weather. (1 comments)
15 December 2005:
Ice King — In which I am really very cold. (7 comments)
18 January 2005:
Living with Rain — In which PB wonders about strategies for coping with Oregon winters. (0 comments)
23 November 2004:
The Future of Oak Grove — In which we attend a planning meeting on the future of Oak Grove: city or no city?
15 December 2003:
Lux Magna Orta Est — In which I accompany Dave and Karen to Baroque Christmas music at Trinity Episcopal Church.
26 July 2003:
Roadside Weeds of Canby, Oregon — In which I describe, in words and photographs, the common weeds around my home. (0 comments)
06 April 2003:
Sunday Painful Sunday — In which an asshole kicks a dog. In which my knee is not better. In which I love a comic book store. (0 comments)