Archive of Rants/Raves Entries


12 August 2007:
Mexican Coke — In which I stumble upon a bottle of Mexican Coke and discover the stuff is delicious. (12 comments)
12 June 2007:
What Do Teachers Really Make? — In which I share an anecdote about Kris, as well as a video rant from a current teacher. (4 comments)
29 May 2007:
What We Are — In which I share a video that makes monkeys out of you and me. (4 comments)
25 May 2007:
Concert Review: The Black Angels at The Doug Fir — In which I rave about The Black Angels, a band that can produce a wall of sound. (1 comments)
21 May 2007:
Barack Obama and Ron Paul — In which I speak about politics (which is a rarity for me). (67 comments)
04 May 2007:
Why I Won't See Spider-Man 3 — In which this film looks awful. (2 comments)
12 April 2007:
Gasoline Alley - A Walk in the Woods — In which I rave about Gasoline Alley, one of my favorite comic strips. (0 comments)
27 March 2007:
I Can't Get No Rest — In which I cannot get to sleep. (0 comments)
07 March 2007:
Safari: A Love/Hate Relationship — In which I can't live with Safari, but I can't live without it. (12 comments)
06 March 2007:
Where is John Galt? — In which it hurts to write checks for estimated tax payments. (4 comments)
02 March 2007:
Obey the Traffic Laws! — In which I almost hit a pedestrian. (11 comments)
23 January 2007:
Bear-ly Breathing — In which I am scared of bears. (6 comments)
19 January 2007:
Touchstones of Success — In which we have dinner with Ron and Kara at their new house. In which I borrow a book from Kara. (0 comments)
10 January 2007:
605 BZT — In which I am thwarted by a slow driver. (5 comments)
08 December 2006:
Children See, Children Do — In which I share some videos of children saying the darndest things. (3 comments)
20 November 2006:
Nintendo Wii: First Impressions — In which I rave about the Nintendo Wii. (5 comments)
16 November 2006:
Power Nap — In which I discover the joys of a directed nap. (4 comments)
30 October 2006:
Found on Road, Dead — In which the ignition on my Ford Focus is frozen. (7 comments)
14 September 2006:
On the Proper Use of 'Me' and 'I' — In which I rant and rave about improper grammar. (103 comments)
31 August 2006:
A Little Taste of Liberal — In which I rant about the Catholic church's views on abortion, and about the idiocy of Donald Rumsfeld. (3 comments)
03 August 2006:
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Complete Pilot Episode — In which I rave abour Aaron Sorkin's upcoming show -- it feels like being with old friends. (7 comments)
16 July 2006:
Biking Portland: Oak Grove to Hawthorne Bridge — In which I take a spin into Portland. (5 comments)
07 June 2006:
Download This Song — In which I post a short music rant bolstered by a YouTube video. (2 comments)
31 May 2006:
Telemarketers are the Scum of the Earth — In which I loathe telemarketers. (10 comments)
25 May 2006:
The Da Vinci Crud — In which I love Anthony Lane's review of The Da Vinci Code. (15 comments)
08 May 2006:
The Death of the Magazine — In which I believe news magazines are dead and dying, and newspapers are close behind. (4 comments)
04 May 2006:
Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy Coming to DVD — In which some news makes me both happy and and angry. (10 comments)
29 April 2006:
Monday, May Day, Monday — In which I speak up for the immigrants. (3 comments)
16 April 2006:
Madworld — In which New Wave music should not be used to sell coffee or crackers. (11 comments)
01 April 2006:
North Country — In which I believe the film North Country does more to harm the cause of women than to help it. (8 comments)
23 March 2006:
People Are People — In which I am male, white, straight, and wealthy, but despised because I do not believe in a god. (12 comments)
21 February 2006:
Free Skate — In which I rave about ice dancing, my favorite sport in the Winter Olympics. (8 comments)
17 February 2006:
He Opened His Mouth and Breathed Out Spring — In which I once again sing the praises of Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. (8 comments)
14 February 2006:
Grizzly Man — In which the film Grizzly Man causes me to reflect upon nature and our relationship to it. (8 comments)
05 February 2006:
Super Bummed — In which poor play and poor officiating robs the Seahawks of the chance to win their first Super Bowl. (8 comments)
17 January 2006:
A Dangerous Breach — In which Al Gore makes a speech with which I am in complete agreement. What would have happened if Gore were elected President? It couldn't possibly be any worse than what we got. (25 comments)
26 October 2005:
The Dewey Dumbcimal System — In which I attempt (and fail) to organize my nonfiction library according to the Dewey Decimal system. (7 comments)
11 September 2005:
Excellent Customer Service — In which Bare Bones Software provides excellent customer service. (0 comments)
08 June 2005:
Verizon Sucks — In which I encounter great difficulties while facing yet another behemoth faceless corporation. (137 comments)
29 April 2005:
Why Star Wars Sucks — In which I complain about the last twenty years of Star Wars and explain why I feel the way I do. (34 comments)
03 November 2004:
unWired — In which we attend a very Liberal election party, but I feel lost because I do not have a wireless internet connection with which to follow the results. In which I ponder the 36-year cycle of divisive Presidential elections.
09 September 2004:
I Dreamed Once More of Berma — In which I rave about Proust.
30 June 2004:
Pocket Bikes — In which I loathe pocket bikes, but many visitors to this site do not. (193 comments)
19 April 2004:
How Did We Get Here? — In which I share the notes and research I made on 9/11 and the days following, and I try to explain how these things occurred. A great discussion ensues. (0 comments)
28 February 2004:
Founding Brothers — In which the book Founding Brothers gives me some insight into the nature of our two-party political system.
19 December 2003:
Undigital — In which I rant about digital effects in film-making. They're overused!
08 November 2003:
The Greatest Science Fiction Films — In which I rave about the best science fiction films ever made. (And share some of my favorites that aren't particularly good.) (3 comments)
29 April 2003:
The iTunes Music Store — In which I spend $18.81 at the new iTunes Music Store. Could this be the future of music? (Three years later on: the answer is a resounding YES!) (0 comments)
13 January 2003:
Something Awful — In which I rant about the political situation in this country. (9 comments)
13 December 2002:
Rick Berman Sucks — In which I complain about Star Trek. (5 comments)
31 October 2002:
Halloween Humbug — In which I frown upon costumes. In which I share the story of The Velvet Ribbon.
28 April 2002:
Heresy — In which I enjoy my new wireless network; in which I rave about a computer game; in which I have many bad things to say about religion. (0 comments)