Archive of Rosings Park Entries


14 August 2007:
Orange Rabbit — In which I hunt a wabbit. Before bweakfast. (8 comments)
07 August 2007:
In the Garden, and Trouble at Gino's — In which our trip to Europe has inspired me to make changes to our garden. In which we have a disappointing experience at Gino's. (2 comments)
26 May 2007:
Busy as a Bzz-Bzz Bee — In which takes photos of bees at work in her flower garden. (6 comments)
07 May 2007:
Tomato Planting Day — In which Kris takes a day off work to plant the garden. (10 comments)
01 May 2007:
When Cats Dream, They Dream of This — In which the cats bring a pigeon into the house. (7 comments)
18 February 2007:
Hello, Mr. Sunshine — In which I enjoy a brief appearance by my friend, the sun. (2 comments)
12 February 2007:
Somewhere on the Edge of Spring — In which I enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. (4 comments)
24 January 2007:
Cats on Film — In which I videotape the cats as they wander around the yard. (4 comments)
15 January 2007:
Low-Tech Comfort — In which we spend a pleasant morning with our cats. (7 comments)
14 January 2007:
Pastoral Winter — In which all things are bright and beautiful. (0 comments)
11 January 2007:
Totally Tomatoes — In which Kris and her friends are obsessed. (7 comments)
03 October 2006:
A Taste of Autumn — In which we enjoy our first gourmet meal of the season. (1 comments)
06 September 2006:
Canning Season — In which Kris has been canning like crazy. (9 comments)
22 July 2006:
The War Against the Heat — In which it is hot and humid. In which the mosquitoes love me. (2 comments)
14 July 2006:
Golden Summer — In which I enjoy a summer evening. (6 comments)
03 July 2006:
A Job in Search of a Man — In which I neglect my chores to build horseshoe pits... (3 comments)
28 June 2006:
Blue Jay Riot — In which life conspires to deprive Kris of sleep. (6 comments)
21 June 2006:
Bushtits — In which I'm kept company by a flock of birds. (3 comments)
15 June 2006:
Re-Arranged — In which I plan to re-arrange my library. (9 comments)
12 June 2006:
Spring Harvest — In which we're awash in strawberries and peas, with more fruit to come. (1 comments)
10 June 2006:
Swallowtail — In which I do not take a photo of a butterfly. (2 comments)
26 May 2006:
Further Tales from Rosings Park — In which I describe a typical spring day at Rosings Park. (8 comments)
19 May 2006:
Further Tales of the Jays — In which we continue to have bird excitement in our yard. (5 comments)
17 May 2006:
Pigeons == Flying Bricks — In which the pigeons are SO dumb -- they keep flying into the kitchen window. (5 comments)
16 May 2006:
Saving Baby Jay — In which Nemo catches a baby jay, but Kris and I rescue it (or try to). (12 comments)
14 May 2006:
HH2410 HedgeHog XR 24" Extended Reach — In which I finally get around to using a birthday present... (2 comments)
12 May 2006:
Garage Sale Update 2006 — In which I tell a little about the first day of the garage sale. (3 comments)
30 April 2006:
Totally Tomatoes (by Kris) — In which Kris raves about her tomatoes, which are now ready to plant in the garden. (12 comments)
24 April 2006:
Coming Home — In which Rosings Park finally feels like home. (1 comments)
20 April 2006:
Spring Reverie — In which I capture some moments in spring. (3 comments)
03 April 2006:
7.5 Cubic Yards — In which we spend the morning hauling barkdust. (3 comments)
20 March 2006:
Spring Photo Gallery — In which we finally have a sunny day, and I share photos from the yard. (3 comments)
04 March 2006:
Sod Off — In which we rent a sod-cutter and expand our garden space. (4 comments)
28 February 2006:
Ladybugs II: Electric Boogaloo — In which our home is still infested by ladybugs. I guess it's better than being infested by ants. (12 comments)
26 February 2006:
Around Rosings Park — In which we prepare for the coming of spring. (0 comments)
26 January 2006:
Saga Without End — In which one of our trees falls into the neighbor's yard. In which I buy a chainsaw. In which I am the most inept chainsaw user ever. (11 comments)
18 January 2006:
Fixing a Hole — In which the basement flooding is under control so that now we can focus on repairing the leaky roof. (2 comments)
11 January 2006:
Flooding (Continued) — In which I correct erroneous rainfall information. In which our basement is even more flooded than before. (17 comments)
10 January 2006:
Ladybugs — In which our home has been invaded by ladybugs. (7 comments)
01 January 2006:
Wet New Year — In which we have a leak in the roof and a flood in the cellar. (4 comments)
28 December 2005:
Bluefoot — Iin which Kris falls into a hole. (12 comments)
14 December 2005:
Enough Food to Feed an Army — In which Kris and I hoard vast quantities of food (including a quarter of a cow). (14 comments)
27 November 2005:
Hot Cocoa and Toast — In which nothing is finer on a cold November Sunday than hot cocoa and toast (unless, of course, that hot cocoa is spilled all over the counter.) (8 comments)
22 November 2005:
End-of-the-Year House Update — In which I share photos of the various changes we've made to the house over the past few months. (3 comments)
10 November 2005:
Autumn at Rosings Park — In which Filber the Squirrel attempts to raid the birdfeeder. In which a flicker and a robin dispute ownership of the birdbath. In which Simon wishes he were outside. (3 comments)
29 August 2005:
Moved In — In which I finally feel moved in (after being in the house for fifteen months!). In which I photograph bees. (0 comments)
12 July 2005:
Bathroom Remodel: During — In which we're one week (out of three) into our bathroom remodel. (Ha! Little did I know at the time that this project would s-t-r-e-t-c-h on for months!) (1 comments)
05 July 2005:
Bathroom Remodel: Before — In which I chronicle the state of our bathroom before the remodel begins. (1 comments)
04 July 2005:
Noisy Fourth — In which our neighborhood sounds like a war zone. (0 comments)
30 May 2005:
Three Cats and a Squirrel — In which all of our cats team up to fail to catch a squirrel (0 comments)
07 May 2005:
Birdfight! — In which the birds in the yard wage an epic battle. (0 comments)
14 March 2005:
Neighbors and Dreamtime — In which I describe the people we've met in our new neighborhood. In which I have a strange dream. (0 comments)
21 February 2005:
Garden Science — In which I put my astronomy education to use calculating the eventual sunlight coverage of our garden. (0 comments)
30 January 2005:
Peanut Battle — In which the birds fight for food in our yard. (0 comments)
19 December 2004:
Our Wild Kingdom — In which Rosings Park is home to birds and squirrels and cats, even in the middle of winter.
23 November 2004:
The Future of Oak Grove — In which we attend a planning meeting on the future of Oak Grove: city or no city?
25 October 2004:
Steller's Jay — In which Kris and I are becoming birdwartchers — we love the Steller's Jays. (0 comments)
21 October 2004:
Chilly — In which my inner core is cold.
19 October 2004:
Broken Glass — In which I attempt to repair a broken glass pane, but all I can manage to do is spill paint stripper all over myself.
03 October 2004:
The Blood of a Squirrel — In which Simon murders Walnut, our favorite squirrel. (1 comments)
29 August 2004:
Peeing Off the Back Porch — In which I relish owning a home in which I can pee off the back porch in peace. (11 comments)
12 July 2004:
Photo Gallery: Remodeling — In which I describe (with the help of photographs) all of the remodeling we've done since moving into the new house.
10 July 2004:
Insulated — In which our insulation contractors really botch the job. Again. And again. And again. (The repurcussions of this ineptitude will still be felt TWO years later.) (0 comments)
05 June 2004:
Patronus — In which I share thoughts on the new Harry Potter film. In which we go to a garage sale at the house we will soon own. (0 comments)
30 May 2004:
Three-Hour Tour — In which we meet with the current owners to tour our new house -- still a few weeks to go before closing! (0 comments)
08 May 2004:
Interpreter of Dreams — In which we buy our dream house. (0 comments)
07 May 2004:
4027044 — In which sometimes you don't know what you're looking for -- or even that you're looking -- until the object of your desire appears unexpectedly before you. (0 comments)