Archive of Stories Entries


13 June 2007:
Jarhead — In which Rhonda joins us for a trip to purchase canning jars. (7 comments)
05 June 2007:
Cat Time — In which I decide that Cat Time does not occur in the evening, but at 4 a.m. (3 comments)
01 June 2007:
I Learn Ping-Pong — In which I take table tennis lessons from my former soccer coach. (3 comments)
11 May 2007:
We're Not Interested — In which I do not sign up for the online yellow pages. (4 comments)
22 September 2006:
Stories My Barber Tells — In which my barber has flashbacks to Vietnam. (0 comments)
09 September 2006:
The New Frugal J.D. — In which I resist the temptation to buy comic books. (3 comments)
28 August 2006:
You Don't Have to Explain the Math to *Me*! — In which my math skills fail me. (3 comments)
22 August 2006:
The Milwaukie-Gladstone Trolley Trail — In which a chance encounter yields a wealth of information about the neighborhood. (5 comments)
09 August 2006:
J.D. the Duck — In which Lieberman loses, and I am like a duck. (8 comments)
26 May 2006:
Further Tales from Rosings Park — In which I describe a typical spring day at Rosings Park. (8 comments)
16 May 2006:
Saving Baby Jay — In which Nemo catches a baby jay, but Kris and I rescue it (or try to). (12 comments)
22 March 2006:
Pop Buys Pop — In which my Uncle Stanley is a very frugal man. (7 comments)
21 March 2006:
How to Get Me to Exercise and to Eat Right — In which a customer pats my belly. (7 comments)
17 December 2005:
The Book of Books — In which Scout and Hank help me write a book. (0 comments)
12 December 2005:
Now It Can Be Told — In which I relate the tale of Harrison's birth from the perspective of iniquitous men. (3 comments)
27 November 2005:
Hot Cocoa and Toast — In which nothing is finer on a cold November Sunday than hot cocoa and toast (unless, of course, that hot cocoa is spilled all over the counter.) (8 comments)
02 November 2005:
Friends and Neighbors — In which the dry cleaner admires my clothes. In which my neighbor belittles my car care skills. In which Harrison wants a bath. (7 comments)
16 October 2005:
Forty-Four Ounces — In which I drink too much cocoa, drink too much diet soda, and eat too much re-heated Chinese food so that I am unable to fall asleep. (6 comments)
06 April 2005:
Tuesday is Sno-Ball Day — In which I love Hostess Sno-Balls. (0 comments)
21 March 2005:
Brushless Shave Cream — In which the new barber in Canby remembers that I have problems shaving. He sells me a shave cream that he says will cure all my ills. (0 comments)
17 March 2005:
The Decemberists (Live in Concert, 2005 Edition) — In which I travel to Eugene to see The Decemberists with Paul and Susan. (0 comments)
21 December 2004:
Man vs. Skunk: A Photo-Essay — In which I brave the nether regions of the trailer house in order to retrieve a dead skunk. Foul beast! (3 comments)
14 December 2004:
Nightmares — In which I have a series of nightmares. (0 comments)
21 October 2004:
Chilly — In which my inner core is cold.
19 October 2004:
Broken Glass — In which I attempt to repair a broken glass pane, but all I can manage to do is spill paint stripper all over myself.
12 March 2004:
The Best Uncle Ever — In which I am the best uncle ever. (0 comments)
15 December 2003:
Lux Magna Orta Est — In which I accompany Dave and Karen to Baroque Christmas music at Trinity Episcopal Church.
20 May 2003:
Twenty-Two Year Reflection — In which I remember my father and how enraptured he was by a particular song. In which I begin to see something of him in myself.
07 February 2003:
Double Habanero Beef Jerkey — In which Tony brings me some jerkey of death. In which Harrison shouts a "shark charge!" In which our investment club loses money. (0 comments)
07 February 2002:
The Dream of the Red House — In which I have a very strange dream. (1 comments)