Archive of Television Entries


18 August 2007:
Heroes — In which Kris and I finally watch Heroes, a show about super-powered people. (1 comments)
11 July 2007:
Whose Line? — In which I share some favorite clips from Whose Line? (2 comments)
21 March 2007:
The Waltons — In which I watch The Waltons with Max. (1 comments)
26 February 2007:
This American Life Coming to Television — In which I'm excited about TAL coming to Showtime. (11 comments)
21 January 2007:
Return to Galactica — In which Kris and I have begun to watch the new Battlestar Galactica. (6 comments)
23 October 2006:
Situation Comedy — In which Kris and I watch sit-coms on DVD. (4 comments)
03 August 2006:
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Complete Pilot Episode — In which I rave abour Aaron Sorkin's upcoming show -- it feels like being with old friends. (7 comments)
05 May 2006:
Texas Ranch House — In which I post a long rant about the latest PBS series, Texas Ranch House. (9 comments)
03 February 2006:
TRACKS MONKEYS WITH LASERS — In which I partake in junk television, watching Beauty and the Geek. (15 comments)
14 October 2005:
Burger Therapy — In which I am tired. In which I eat a chili burger and watch Undeclared. In which weblog repairs continue. (10 comments)
11 January 2005:
Battlestar Galactica — In which I encourage my readers to watch the new Battlestar Galactica television show.
05 November 2003:
Video Appliance — In which I imagine my dream video appliance: wi-fi, hard drive, DVD, and VCR.In which I describe my dream home media device. In which we dine at Laslow's Northwest. (0 comments)
06 September 2003:
Saturday Morning Cartoons — In which I remember Saturday morning cartoons with fondness.
13 December 2002:
Rick Berman Sucks — In which I complain about Star Trek. (5 comments)