Archive of Writing Entries


12 March 2007:
I'm Writing a New Book Every Month — In which I am prolific. (3 comments)
20 February 2007:
Writing for Money: The New Way and the Old — In which I have earned as much from writing as from making boxes over the past week. (1 comments)
28 January 2007:
Six-Word Story — In which I take part in a meme: write a story in six words. (3 comments)
18 January 2007:
Site Statistics — In which I share traffic numbers for my sites. (4 comments)
12 October 2006:
The Carrion Drive — In which I recount the dead animals I have seen on the side of the road. (3 comments)
14 September 2006:
On the Proper Use of 'Me' and 'I' — In which I rant and rave about improper grammar. (103 comments)
04 June 2006:
The Write Stuff — In which I am a writer. (3 comments)
21 May 2006:
These Little Things Which Make Up Life — In which I describe my final afternooon walk with Jason. (3 comments)
20 April 2006:
Spring Reverie — In which I capture some moments in spring. (3 comments)
31 December 2005:
Tips For Writers — In which I post Billy Wilder's tips for writers. (0 comments)
20 October 2004:
Unwelcome Visitors — In which I compose an ode to the skunk who lives under my office.
04 May 2004:
Adaptation — In which I write a story that adapts a portion of a graphic novel, and wonder about the legalities of it all. (0 comments)
26 October 2003:
Story Two, Draft One — In which I share the first draft of a short story for my creative writing class.
21 October 2003:
Gryphon — In which I share a favorite story from the wonderful anthology that we're using in my writing class.
08 September 2003:
Everything Here Is True — In which I discuss the difference between truth and Truth, between fact and fiction, especially as it relates to weblogs.
21 October 2002:
october — In which I share a piece of writing from college: knock knock so i let you in you wet you drip dripping shiver from the rain...
11 January 2002:
Who Owns the Memories? — In which I contemplate what should and should not be shared in a public weblog.